How to Set Default GPU for Apps And Games On Windows 10

Gaming on Windows 10 is indeed an excellent experience. Windows 10 offers more gaming-related features, including advanced graphics settings, an Xbox game bar, and more than any other desktop operating system.

With Windows 10, you can even choose which GPU a game or application can use. Within the graphics control panels software available from Nvidia and AMD, users can select which graphics card an app should use on Windows 10 computers with multiple GPUs. The IGPU stands for Integrated Graphics Processing Unit which most of the game knows about. This built-in graphics chipset makes it possible to use your computer’s display even without a dedicated graphics card.

For gaming and graphics-intensive applications, the discrete GPU is preferable to the integrated GPU due to its efficiency. Windows 10 recommends using the Integrated GPU for apps if you rarely play games on your laptop or computer.

So here in this article, I am going to share a detailed method of how to set default GPU for apps and games on windows 10.

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How to Set Default GPU for Apps And Games on Windows 10

It is best for gaming users as it gives them optimal performance. You can always use a discrete GPU if you are a heavy gamer or run graphic-intensive applications. In Windows 10, users can adjust the graphic performance based on the apps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set the default GPU for Windows 10 applications and games. Let’s check out

Step 1. Start by clicking the Start button and selecting Settings.

Click On The Setting Button In Start Menu
Click On The Setting Button In Start Menu

Step 2. Click the ‘System‘ on the Settings page.

Click on the System option in Setting Page
Click on the System option in Setting Page

Step 3. Next, select the ‘Display’ section from the left-hand panel, and on the right side panel Under Display, click on ‘Graphics Settings‘.


Step 5. Click the Desktop app under Graphics performance and then ‘Browse’ to the desktop application you would like to use.


Step 6. Select the .exe files of the apps or games whose preferences you want to set. Once you have finished, click the “Add” button.

Step 7. After adding the app, click on ‘Options’.

Step 8. Choose either ‘Power Saving‘ or ‘High Performance‘ during the Graphics preference pop-up. Power Saving will use the integrated GPU, while High Performance will use the dedicated GPU.

That’s all, that is how you can set the default GPU for apps on Windows 10 computers. I hope that you understand will if you have any doubt then feel free to comment us below we try to resolve your issue and if you like that article please share it with others.

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