Steps To Get a Temporary Cell Phone Number

A temporary cell phone number can be said as a disposable phone number. It can also call a virtual phone number. However, It can be used only as a temporary measure. These can be from a service provider. 

Usually, the temporary cell phone number is used to receive OTP from various mobile applications. Temporary cell phone numbers should not use for privacy purposes. Many people can also use your selected temporary cell phone number as their temporary cell phone number. 

Temporary cell phone numbers can be purchased online and through various mobile phone applications if you have a smartphone with internet connectivity or a Wi-fi connection. But if you are not able to access the mobile apps, you can also use the websites provided via CrunchyTricks, Which will provide You with the same results as the apps in the following list.


Choosing the Application

Choosing a correct mobile application can be difficult to purchase the temporary number, but it must select the appropriate application. There are various options available. For example, there are applications like Burner, Google voice, Text Me, Cover Me, Line 2, Text Now, Hushed, Text Plus, Twilio, Flyp, Sideline, and get free SMS (website).


Let us see these applications and the steps to get a temporary cell number from these applications.


It is one of the best ways to get a temporary cell phone number. This app works in U.S and Canada, and it is a mobile phone app. 

This burner app gives a second cell phone number for your existing mobile. Burner app uses a real number, as opposed to VoIP numbers, so that you can able to use this second cell phone number for any verifications or other purposes that you need. 

Burner app offers:

  • Voice.
  • Texts.
  • Voicemail.
  • A free trial for about seven days with twenty minutes of talk and sixty text messages.

After the free trial, it must be paid $4.99 a month to use this temporary cell phone number. 


The number you choose from this app can be with you as long as you like to have that number. However, when you require changing the temporary number, you can press a key in the app, and the number will get burned. It is your responsibility to extend your temporary cell phone number’s validity time to avoid the temporary phone number’s unwanted burning. 


If you subscribed to premium in the burner app, you would get three permanent phone numbers with unlimited calls and texts. However, anyone who calls for your burner number will receive an “out of service” answer.



Choosing Google Voice is such a great idea for getting your temporary cell phone number. This is the case because it is free for all unified communications. You need a single number, and that can be set up to ring for all your mobile, landline, and phones. 

You can use this temporary cell phone number for calls, texts, and any other purpose you like. You should have a google voice account to get the temporary cell phone number from google voice. 

Steps to get the temporary cell phone number:

  1. Create google account
  2. Create a google voice account
  3. Activate your google voice account
  4. Choose your favorite number.
  5. Enjoy with your temporary cell phone number.



It gives unlimited calls and texts to U.S and Canada. In addition, you can able to get multiple temporary mobile numbers and manage them from one account. 

You will also be able to create international numbers using this mobile application. Text me app can able to use on all devices like mobile, tabs, web. Just like email, you can able to access the Text my app. 

Use a VPN service called proton VPN, and it is available for all your devices. It has paid plan and a free plan. Using proton VPN, connect to the U.S sever and download the Text Me app. Register yourself in the Text Me app. Then, start using the temporary cell phone number. You can get a U.S mobile number or another country’s mobile number from this, but it may charge for it. 



  1. Go to the Text Me app.
  2. Create an account in it.
  3. Select the number and choose the depending upon your country.
  4. Confirm the selected number.
  5. Fill in the details (Email address, password, age) in the required field.
  6. Click on register and click on I am not a robot.
  7. Hurrah!!!… Congratulations, you got your temporary cell phone number.
  8. Enjoy by making calls and texts with your temporary number.



Cell phone numbers from different countries are available on this website. Still, this website has a feature that enables anybody to be able to see the message that you receive on your temporary cell phone number.



This application provides a temporary cell phone number. This application uses military-grade encryption for calls, private file sharing, private vault installed on your phone to keep things safe.


6. LINE2: 

This application gives a cloud phone number that is attached to your original phone number. It charges money for using the temporary cell phone number with unlimited calls and texts.



It is a free application for getting a temporary cell phone number. 


  • Download the Text Me application from google play store or Apple’s App Store.
  • Register yourself in the application.
  • Enter the basic details
  • Activate your new temporary cell phone number.

There are some more phone applications to install and get an activate temporary cell phone number.


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