How can we prevent plagiarism by using online Tools?

Plagiarism simply means taking words from someone else’s work without crediting the original author. Plagiarized content is not acceptable regardless of the field you are working in.

In academics, plagiarism occurs when writers represent ideas, texts, or research work from any online resource without mentioning reference or citation. 

There are different types of plagiarism but the most important are accidental plagiarism and intentional plagiarism. Accidental plagiarism might happen due to carelessness but intentional plagiarism involves stealing someone’s work deliberately. 

No matter what type of plagiarism occurs in your write-ups, it is equally harmful to your business, websites, and academics. Therefore, plagiarism prevention measures are a big concern among writers and students. 

We have made this matter resolve by mentioning four key points and a couple of online tools to prevent plagiarism. 


Keeping track of sources and citation

While researching your thesis or research paper you should note the sources of all presented text. Most students commit accidental plagiarism by ignoring sources and impersonating work as their own. 

It can be prevented by composing your project by yourself and mentioning a list of citations from research publications, magazines, books, and various web sources. 

After this, you can simply accomplish your task by giving appropriate references in your research and scientific journal



Paraphrasing is the technique of rewriting already published content in your own words to describe details from the source you are citing in a thesis or research paper while referencing a source. Keep in mind that the meaning of the original idea must not be changed while paraphrasing.


Research and write your concept

As an alternative to mentioning reference sources, your thesis or research paper should have a distinct perspective or point of view. In your thesis and research paper, emphasize your ideas in a distinctive, positive, and useful way that ensures the originality and uniqueness of the text.

Keep track of plagiarism by using a plagiarism checker

An online plagiarism checker is used to identify plagiarism in all types of writings whether it be a thesis, assignment, or research article. 

Prepostseo plagiarism checker compares your thesis and research paper to a huge database of published research publications and web sources and flags words and phrases that are duplicated or plagiarized. 

Plagiarism checker tools also help find phrases/text that is without any citation or badly paraphrased text that is close to the original content. To avoid plagiarism, just add citations properly and try paraphrasing text as described above.


Best plagiarism detection tools

There are several online plagiarism checkers with free access available and their number is increasing dramatically which makes it difficult for users to pick the best one. 

This is here where plagiarism detection software comes in handy. We have mentioned a few best plagiarism checks that will help you avoid getting takedown notices and prevent yourself from accidentally plagiarizing other people’s ideas.


1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo offers an online plagiarism detector for all those who need to guarantee their content’s originality for free of cost. No registration is required to use the Prepostseo plagiarism checker. 

Furthermore, users are allowed to perform unlimited plagiarism checks for free for 1000 words each time. You may register and create an account to check the unlimited word count in seconds.

This plagiarism checking tool works by either copying and pasting a piece of text into the input box, uploading it, or entering a URL. Underneath the text field, you’ll find a list of links to content that has been found to contain plagiarized material.


2. Check-plagiarism

Check-plagiarism is a popular free tool for finding duplicate content in academic and professional fields. You can check plagiarism by putting text into the box. You can check thousands of words for free.

You can also check plagiarism by uploading Microsoft Word and.pdf files, copy-pasting the text into the box. 

You need to upload a file to begin using Check-plagiarism. After that, you’ll receive a comparison report at the end of each scan. The percentage of plagiarized text with detected plagiarized parts is also mentioned there. 

If you are a private user, you can utilize this plagiarism checker. They also offer a premium version.



For students, professors and journalists, Softo is the best online plagiarism detector tool. It can be used to see if your text has previously been published online or not. 

Softo uses a database of over 20 million academic articles and websites to identify plagiarism in your papers submitted for review.

Your scan results in a plagiarism report include lists of all of the sources that have been copied.


Take away 

Avoiding plagiarism becomes simple when you try not committing it in the first place. For this, we have mentioned useful tips in the article above.

First, be careful while conducting research and properly cite your sources throughout the writing process. 

When it comes to preventing plagiarism, accidental plagiarism is by far the most frequent one.

Therefore, you must be confident that you are submitting unique, original, plagiarism-free texts, and do not forget to run your paper via an online plagiarism detector at the end.


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