How To Find Graphic Memory And System Details of Computer in Windows 10

How To Find Graphic Memory And System Details of Computer in Windows 10

We all love PC games which are continuously launching time by times but sometimes many games are not run in our pc due to some issues in the system or fewer system requirements. Many High-end games want high graphics memory cards like 4GB or 8GB. When you download or buy a new game for your pc before buying it you must check its minimum requirements of that game. Here If a minimum requirement does not match with your pc specification never download that game or software. your try to install in and unfortunately game run on it by lagging but it will hurt the system

Now you can learn how you check your graphics card memory and system requirements in Windows PC for Game. Many games and software want high-class graphics cards like Nvidia and AMD  different versions. Checking your graphics card memory is very simple. We can do it without any software. Now Get started

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How To Check Your Graphics Card, Memory and System Details in Computer

  • Hold WINDOW + R and type “dxdiag” and press Enter.
Find Graphic Memeory
Find Graphic Memory in computer
  • Once you press Enter, a DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear as dialog in System Tab you can See RAM, Processor, Model, Page file Memory
Find graphic Memory
Find Graphic Memory in computer
  • Now go to the Display tab, here you will see Graphics Card Name, Manufacturer Display, and Total Memory.
Find Graphic Memory
Find Graphic Memory in computer

This is one of the best ways of getting any Computer Graphics Card Memory Details and System Requirements. Try this in your pc. This method also works on all Windows PC versions Like Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10.

That it. This is the simple and way method to find the detail fo graphics cards and memory details. I hope that you understand well. If you facing any problem feel free to comment us below and also share that article with your friends


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