8 Most Amazing Prank Websites on the Internet

In today’s busy life, it becomes challenging to spare a minute to spend some time with someone, whether it’s your friends or close ones. We, the ones who used to spend a lot of crazy times together doing useless and foolish things with our friends to make them laugh, are now following the busy schedules in our daily lives. Are you also missing that particular time with your friends or close ones and want to make them laugh again? Also, here are some articles on our website at TechWhoop, which you might find amazing! So, I have got for you some fantastic prank sites that would be a source of fun for you as well as for your friends, and you can prank your friends by just sending them a link, interfering with their phones, or by gifting some funny as well as memorable stuff to them. Now, I will be mentioning the eight most amazing prank websites on the Internet, 2020. So, let’s start looking at these different platforms and read how they will work for you.

8 Most Amazing Prank Websites on the Internet

1. Hackertyper.com

This site opens up an interface that looks like hacking software, so you can easily interpret that you are hacking the phone or laptop of another person, but you would be secretly pranking them hard.

Go and grab your friends’ phones and prank them by typing anything in their browser. It would be fun doing that, right?


2. Fakeupdate.net

Do you know someone tired of updating the apps and drivers on your computer? Send that link claiming that this would update all needed drivers on their computer!

You can set the theme of your URL and show a Windows updating screen on your friend’s browser for a long time until they realize that it’s a prank.


3. Fake-check in

Are you a show-off kind of person who always show-offs their friends that you are a Wanderlust and travel a lot? Then, this application can help you to create a fake check-in at different locations throughout the globe.

Just prank your friend on their birthday that you are traveling abroad and the party plans are busted; surprise them with a party, and they would enjoy that party better than the normal one.


 4. Greatbigstuff.com

This shopping site provides ordinary items in extraordinary sizes, which would be enough to blow up the mind of a person receiving a massive gift from an anonymous person.

Imagine giving someone a big useless pencil that cannot fit in their hands or a pair of oversized earphones that cannot fit the human’s ear.


5. Prankcandles.com

Want to give something memorable to your friend? Give them some scented candles which would prank them by releasing a devastating smell at last.

Now, imagine your friend chilling in his room with a scented candle next to his chair, and suddenly the fragrance gets converted into some strong bad odor, spoiling their mood. It would be a remarkable memory, though.


 6. Memesoncanvas.com

Are you a meme lover who frequently shares memes with your friends on Instagram and Facebook? In that case, the best gift you would probably give your friend would be a printed meme template or famous canvas of your favorite funny memes.

Now, Canvas would work as a long-living memory as it reminds your friend that you both had a fun time on the Internet sharing some great memes and so can help you find an excellent gift for your loving friend.


7. SMS bomber

Want to prank that friend who never replies to your texts? SMS Bomber allows you to send plenty of customized SMS messages to your friend.

On the other hand, this prank is also beneficial when trying to prank someone by sending fake text SMS to their phone.


8. Shrturl.com 

Do you have a friend who surfs many websites? Send him a customized URL made by short URL that allows you to customize your URL as per your choice, and add some funny texts on the web page such as “Leave your phone! Your dad must be noticing you”.

This can be used for pranking your game-lover friends, interpreting that you are sending them a paid game for free, and putting some of your texts in the URL. This would get that done perfectly fine.



My job was to introduce these amusing sites to you, but your job is to use them wisely and adequately. Always take care of some important things while using these types of services:

  1. These sites are for fun; never use them to hurt someone’s sentiments or feelings.
  2. Never target a mob using these sites. It could be harmful, always try to use these services to have fun with your few friends.
  3. Always double-check the link before sending it to someone.
  4. Never use these services to deal with your haters.
  5. Always reveal your pranks after a certain amount of time.

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