13 Tips To Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop In 2021

Your New gaming laptop will never approach the performance of a similarly-priced gaming desktop. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t play the latest games. Rather, it puts an extra load on you to assure that your laptop is optimized for gaming.

With desktop computers, you can upgrade the hardware. Laptop users will know that they can only replace the RAM memory with an upgrade hard disk. So, what can you do?

Here are 10 Tips and Tricks to improve your laptop gaming setup on Windows 10.

13 Tips To Improve Gaming Performance On Your Laptop

These are personally tested and other recommended user tips that definitely give you improved results.

1. Keep Your Laptop Dust-Free to Improve Gaming Performance

First things first. You’ll only enjoy the improved performance of your laptop with proper care and physical maintenance. Dust and dirt are the enemies of performance. This detritus will reduce airflow, resulting in a computer that gets too hot to help to decrease the Laptop temperature.

Once the processor, GPU, hard-disk performance, RAM, and most other parts of the laptop will slow down. This doesn’t make for an effective gaming machine. The best way to deal with this is to remove the dust. Obviously, this isn’t the simplest of tasks. I know that some of the laptops are certainly sealed, and if it isn’t, opening it will almost absolutely invalidate the warranty of your laptop. If you’re using the keyboard regularly it’s essential to ensure there is no food, dust, or much other matter able to cause sticky keys.

2. Update Laptop Drivers for Faster Gaming

Computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems are almost all based around the same hardware, with the same architecture. This means to say that whatever the OS of your laptop, keeping device drivers up to date is very essential.

If we talk about graphics drivers, you might need a piece of more knowledge about that. While Intel graphics is largely inadequate for heavy gaming applications.  Also, make sure your laptop or PC has the latest version of the gaming driver

Instead, ensure the GPU management software (such as Nvidia GeForce or AMD Gaming Evolved) is set to automatically update when it connects to the internet. Also make sure to update your game audio and controller drivers up to date, too. If not updated automatically then try to update it manually.


3. Install the Latest DirectX Version

Tips and Tricks to Improve Gaming Performance
Tips and Tricks to Improve Gaming Performance

There are many software tools and utility software that facilitate the graphics in a video game, DirectX is very essential for gaming on Windows OS.

Launched in 2015, DirectX 12 is the latest version, which you’ll find pre-installed on your Windows 10 laptop.

  • Open RUN box by pressing (Windows Key + R), Type this command in run dxdiag command
  • Open the System 
  • DirectX Version: entry at the bottom of the list to see the DirectX version number which is installed on your Laptop.

At there you can find information about your dedicated graphics card. In the Driver pane, look for Direct3D DDI. This should be calculated according to the latest version of DirectX which is installed.

As well as having your graphics drivers up to date, it is worth ensuring that your audio drivers are fit for gaming. You can check your audio driver in the Sound tab and Input device drivers of DXDiag.


4. Increase virtual memory

It is important that your virtual memory is at its optimal level. For most players, this is twice as much memory as you have. Go to your performance settings and advanced options and click virtual memory! Set it as your double memory according to your Installed RAM. For example, if you have 4GB of RAM, you can use 8000MB (8GB). It will make a big difference to your gaming experience if you do this.


5. Overclock your Laptop’s Graphics Card for best Optimized Gaming

10 Ways to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop
Tips and Tricks to Improve Gaming Performance

Maybe This Method is a bit risky for the beginner user, overclocking can additionally force some performance out of the graphics card. These tools are easily available for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs(Graphics).

Your gaming performance is mostly dependent on how much power your graphic has and how fast your processor is!.

The main problems are with electric power and heat. Overclocking consumes more electricity, In order to do this, you’ll need to adjust your computer’s electric power settings properly. But overclocking also increases the heat of the GPU it will raise the temperature of your GPU and sometimes it damages your GPU.

But Don’t Worry this is handled by the laptop’s built-in FAN cooling system. You should regularly clean the heatsinks and fans, and make them dust-free. Your laptop will automatically shut down as a safety precaution which is a built-in feature in most laptops as soon as it gets too hot.

If you are searching overclocking tool for your GPU? The most popular at present is MSI Afterburner, which is suitable for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and recommended by us.

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6. Adjust Your Computer’s Power Settings

Many of the devices can enjoy better operation without effective power management. When we talk about laptops devices that are designed for use away from a changeless power source power management.

Windows Provide you with some specific power management options, but if you want good performance for a strong gaming experience, you should have your laptop connected to a power outlet.

some of the laptops go to balance mode which does not give the maximum performance for the gaming No look this Guidance blow to correct it In Windows 10.

  • Open Settings > System
  • Power and sleep
  • Additional power settings
  • select the High performance
10 ways to improve gaming performance on your laptop
Tips and Tricks to Improve Gaming Performance

If you don’t find the High-performance option

then go to create the power plan and create a new plan of high performance.

10 ways to improve gaming performance on your laptop
Tips and Tricks to Improve Gaming Performance


7. Activate Windows 10 Game Mode

This is a tip that anyone can use. Windows 10 is equipped with an Xbox app which includes features such as

  • Screen recording,
  • Streaming,
  • Game Mode

Activate Gaming Mode it also Optimizes gaming performance which is the Built-in Feature in window 10.

You Should press (WIN + G) to display the Xbox panel of the game bar open. Now confirm that, check that Yes, this is a game box.

When the Game bar appears you should find the Game Mode button on the right side. Click to enable Game Mode. When you enabled it, this will ensure that the OS runs the game with maximum settings. When you do this, This Feature Close the Windows Background process suspends tasks.


8. Close Background Apps for Increased Laptop FPS

In Windows 10 there are many background processes is running. There is much software that optimizes gaming performance and also adjusts the power setting. This Software closes all other background performance that pc can give.

Razer Game Booster

Razer Gaming booster is one of the best gaming optimization software used by many gamers you can download it here from its official website Game Booster from Razer. This application will optimize your laptop performance. It also has many other features like screenshot capture, HDD defrags, and better FPS rates.


9. Online Gamers: Check Your Network Speed

Online Gamers: Check Your Network Speed
Tips and Tricks to Improve Gaming Performance

Gaming performance for your laptop mostly depends upon the hardware of your computer, driver, and many other configurations. But if you’re playing online games, there is one other element to consider: your internet connection speed because online game totally depends upon the internet speed in other words we say “ping” lowest ping of the game determined that the internet is good if you have high ping then you might be having an issue with your internet.

Lag is the usual cause of trouble with online gaming. This can be due to problems with your internet connection, but often a slow connection between your laptop and the router is to blame. so make sure you have good internet.


10. Manage Automatic Updates

Automatic updates can be a bit painful for the computer. For example, Windows Update can download updates in the background, before reminding you periodically that the update needs installing.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable Windows Updates permanently in the other way if you disable your window update but it will automatically turn off after some time, so you have the following options:

  • Keep your computer offline.
  • Install updates as soon as prompted.
  • you can disable windows updates for 35 days.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to completely disconnect from the internet if you’re using a gaming laptop when you play an online game then there will be internet will be required, so installing those updates as soon as possible is the best answer.

Digital delivery systems are part of the window system which pushes updates out such as Steam. Sometimes you play a game and the Second game is downloading in it sometimes happened in Steam or automatic Game updating.

  • To avoid this, open Steam,
  • Head to Steam > Settings.
  • In the Downloads tab, ensure the Allow downloads during the gameplay check box is cleared. Click OK to confirm this change.

You can further manage update rules for different games. Right-click the game in the Steam menu.

  • select Properties > Updates,
  • Checkmark you’re happy with the options for Background downloads and Automatic updates. 


11. Change Your Game Settings

If your game works with lag you should change your in-game setting. Many of the games have this option in the Display setting and Graphic setting of the game at there you can adjust the Texture settings, Shadow Quality, and Level of Detail Etc it according to your graphics cards.


12. Use Antivirus Software to Clean Your System

Having malware on your computer can slow down your system. Malware is mostly downloaded illegally from pirate sites or from unsolicited websites.

Malware can also be sent through spam email.

Be sure the website you visit is trusted to avoid your system being infected by malware. You should also never click on suspicious links in email messages. You should also only use genuine software.

However, some malware can still find its way onto our computers despite our precautions. Always install an antivirus program to prevent this from happening.

I highly recommend Windows Security if you are using Windows 10. Microsoft’s built-in antivirus program comes preinstalled with Windows 10.


13. Switch to SSD for Games

IF there is no wrong with your traditional setting but still get lag in FPS drops in-game, then I should recommend you switch your HHD to SSD. It is because the heaviest game contains a lot of files when you are playing these files have to be read by your RAM to further processing in the CPU. But HHD will now give you the optimal performance that SSD gives. It not only increases the performance of the game also increases the FPS. the other fact is it reduces your game loading time.


Enjoy The Best Gaming Experience on Your Laptop

These are the recommended tips and tricks that most gaming users follow the get optimized gaming performance. I hope that you got optimized performance after trying these tips. And these tips definitely Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop. I hope that you understand it well if you like that share your review with the user and also share that article with others.

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