21 Best Sites to Compress Video Files Online

In a few decades, the video surveillance industry has been a substantial core of technology in today’s digital world. The use of video technology in the modern world will only be accelerated in the upcoming years. Modern audio and video technology are fundamentally changing the way we live and work. Also, the use of the internet in the modern-day world has assisted wholly in the editing, compressing, viewing, trimming of videos through online mode. Nowadays, anyone and everyone with just a single cell phone having internet facility can make a presentation as and when required.

Videos are one of the most space-consuming parts of your storage disc. So everyone wants to record a video of small size. But most of the time, we end up having a video that may have the size of 100Mb or more. So I’m here with the top 21 sites that will help you compress video files online without installing software. 

But what do these websites do?

These will reduce your videos into small size videos without decreasing their quality. Interesting right? Most websites provide an option to choose which format you want to compress. Pop over to this site where you can know about the best ways in which you can compress files to store large amounts of data in less than a quarter of the space required to store the original file. Some of them are free. A few have an upper limit. Almost all sites compress within just three steps.  

So let’s have a look into it.

1. Media 

This is a free online site where you can convert a video within three steps.

  • Choose the file from your disk
  • You can choose which resolution, size, and output format you want
  • Download it to the disk wherever you want.


2. Feed

The Feed video compressor tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Within the span of a few seconds, you can convert a video without losing its visual quality. It works with MP4, MPEG, HD video files, and all types of video and movie file formats. Whether you’re utilizing Mac or Windows, iPhone or Android – you’ll be able to compress your video records with VEED in a matter of seconds. Take expansive video records and compress them to a smaller record estimate without lessening in visual quality. Works with MP4, MPEG, HD video records, and all sorts of video and motion picture record designs. Compress your records online presently with VEED. No software to download. 

FEED is a web app that works right in your browser. No signup, no mail required. Fair press the connection to utilize our web video compressor. Idealize for taking crude video footage and compressing it to a reasonable record estimate so you’ll be able to transfer to Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other social media stages.


3. Convert

Along with videos, the Convert Video Compressor Tool also converts PDF files, word documents. But its limit is that it can compress a file less than 200 Mb. 


4. You compress

It converts all types of files, but it is automated. You cannot adjust its quality or resolution. If you search for a website where you want to convert into a particular size, then it’s the perfect site.


5. Ps2pdf

If you want to convert into mp4 format, then here is your option. You can choose percentage, quality, size, and also output dimensions.


6. Zamzar

Along with reducing size, it also lets you change the format of videos. The FREE version has a limit of 5OMB. So if you want to compress the file with a size larger than the prescribed, you have to subscribe to other plans.


7. Cloudconvert

Here it lets you change a video’s resolution, aspect ratio, and number of frames per second. It supports more than 200 formats.


8. Flex clip

Here you can compress videos freely with three steps. Even watermarks won’t be introduced on your video files when you obtain your compressed videos. You can change video quality and resolution also.


9. Videosmaller

It’s a free service that will help you to reduce video size without losing its quality. But its maximum limit is 500MB. It supports MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV video formats


10. Video2edit

Along with reducing size, you will find many other options such as converting into different forms, editing the video, improving video quality, etc.


11. Fileconverto

It compresses videos with 90% of the same quality. BUT it’s limit of 500MB. Not only video compression, but it also compresses other files, it adds watermarks, and many more !!!


12. Keepvid

It’s 100% free!! You can use it as MP4 Compressor, MOV Compressor, Compress Video for Email, Compress Video for YouTube.


13. Clideo

It’s automated, and it will choose the best quality for your file. But it will allow you to preview before downloading a compressed file.


14. Fast reel

It is a video editing site by Movavi. You can convert a video into three steps. Another advantage is 

that you can choose what size you want.


15. Compress video online

You can process videos online. You can delete parts of videos that aren’t required.


16. Video converter

You have to upload a file, and you have chosen which bitrate you want. You can change the quality with the help of enhanced settings.


17. Online converter

The maximum limit is 200MB. You can change the quality along with size. You can upload in any format which is given. 


18. Free converter

Even its app is available for android and iPhone users. You can compress up to 1GB. You can choose up to which percentage it can be compressed with the help of advanced settings. 


19. Clipchamp

It is an in-browser video editor. It gives users access to professional tools. Its free version is also available. 


20. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

If you are editing videos with the help of filmora, you can change their size with the latter’s support. 

It compresses all the videos to mp4 format. You can compress videos, images, and documents also. It creates Zip files.

 A few have apps that are compatible with both android and iPhone. These sites do More than compression. A few do compression of images, pdf; a few change the audio and video quality also.

We hope this list mentioned above will help you search for the top sites that provide online video compression tools.

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