6 Browser Secrets That Only Avid internet users know about

We all know that the internet has become an essential part of our life nowadays. To use the internet on our smartphone or computer, we need internet browsers. There are several internet browsers in the market, i.e., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. And any avid internet user must have used one of them. But do you know there are some browser secrets that you can use to your advantage? I am a regular Google Chrome user, so I am sharing some secrets of the same here. Did you know that Chrome is full of shortcuts and hidden functions that can save you time? I’ve compiled my favorite tips and tricks that will help you work faster and do more with your favorite web browser. All you have to do is carve out a few minutes and learn how to take advantage of them. So let’s start.

1) Save web page as pdf

While surfing the internet, we all have found some interesting articles or web pages which we want to save for later use; there is a way to do that in Chrome browser. Press Ctrl+ P on the keyboard, and then a pop-up will appear where you select save as pdf. And the page will be saved as pdf file without any other software or extension.


2) Incognito mode

Suppose you share your computer or uses someone else computer and do not want another person to go through your browsing history. Then this one is surely for you. When you need some privacy on our internet browser, then you can use this option. Just go on three dots on the right-hand side top corner of your browser, click it, and go to Incognito mode. You can enable secret (incognito) mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N or by clicking on “Settings” and selecting “New incognito window.” Now your internet browsing history will not be store on your computer.


3) Make favicone of your bookmarks

In Chrome, there is another way to get quick access to your favorite websites by creating a favicon of the website instead of whole URL text. To do this, first click on “Settings” (the vertical dots icon in the upper right-hand corner), select “Bookmarks,” and then select “Show bookmarks bar.” Next, bookmark a site by clicking on the Star in the Omnibox (address box). Then right-click on the bookmark and delete the text in the name box, leaving only the favicon.


4) Use the browser as a media player

When you want to play the audio file on the computer and your media player, the software is not working. Then this could be handy for you. Just select the audio file you want to play and drag it directly to the address bar of the Google Chrome browser, and that’s all. You can also use this trick to see image files and Microsoft Office documents (mainly .pdf files) in your browser.


5) Open multiple pages on the startup

You can control what page or pages appear when you launch Chrome on your computer. Rather than opening your browser with just one homepage, Chrome gives you an option to open several pages as it starts up, providing instant access to the different websites and services you prefer to start your day with. To set your startup pages, select “Settings” and then scroll to “Settings.” Under the On Startup section, select “Set pages” and enter the URLs of your preferred start-up pages.

6) Use browser URL bar as a calculator

The Omnibox (the address bar in Chrome) can solve mathematical calculations. It can even solve questions such as “How many cups in 4 liters?” Try to add or multiply any math calculation in the Omnibox without pressing the enter. For example, try typing 60 x 90 and see what appears.


There are several other secrets and tricks which make our internet browser more than just an internet browsing tool. Some of them I have shared with you here. And if you are looking for more such tips and tricks you can visit http://www.crunchytricks.com/. Hope this information will help you know more about the browser and enhance your experience of internet surfing. So keep using the internet and keep enjoying yourself. Till the time take care.

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