6 Best Antivirus Software for Windows In 2020

6 Best Antivirus Software For Windows In 2020

Every pc required the best antivirus to protect your computer against viruses and many other threats. You may be running many programs and other software on your computer.  You might be attacked by many hackers and antivirus. If you are well aware of the security threat and you know how to protect it your pc from hackers but many other malicious and security threats are there that can attack your PC.

Today the need for antivirus become greater than before due to high-security attacks.  In the Windows system, you should have to use some security in it because windows 10 is one of the most popular and most commonly used operating systems. And in this operating system, there is built antivirus install which is known as Windows Defender.

Windows defender antivirus working well and stopping a lot of viruses and give you better security to protect your computer from threats. But there are many other best antivirus that gives you better security but there are a lot of antiviruses are available some people got confused that which antivirus is best so here I sort out the list of best antivirus software for windows 10

The Best Antivirus Software For Windows 10 In 2020

1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is a well-known antivirus product of the world of online internet security which has excellent malware detection scores and provides the all-essential security that required to protect computers against the threats. Its web filtering blocks the malware and dangerous URLs.

The basic functionality of this antivirus is to protect your computer from threats, it also has the ransomware protection that some of the antiviruses provide ransomware security. Kaspersky antivirus is one of the best that blocks malware but the price of that antivirus is more than Bitdefender antivirus plus.

This antivirus also includes other features like webcam monitoring, safe browsing tools that block malicious websites and it also ensures banking and shopping accounts are accessed for legal sources. Decent parental controls security and anti-theft protection for computers and laptops. It also provides the limited use of the VPN client feature.

Kaspersky is also available for android macOS and IOS devices. There is a premium Kaspersky antivirus feature that provides the backup of your software, file encryption system, al file shredder, and much more.

The Kaspersky antivirus is available in three different packages. The first one is Kaspersky Internet Security for $59.99, the Second one is Kaspersky Total Security for $79.99, and the last one Kaspersky Security Cloud for $89.99.

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2. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender is another best antivirus that is user recommended which you want some basic antivirus protection at entry-level which feel free your devices for malware and other security threats. This antivirus gives you the best malware protection and has good malware-detection scores. Bitdefender antivirus is a very light system and not take too much load on your devices during system scans and other security work.

This antivirus provides the other security tools like it detect the malicious website by filtering it to block the access to that site, it has unlimited password manager protection to keep your account password secure, it also keeps your online banking and other shopping transactions safe and secure, a file shredder Wi-Fi network scanner, anti-phishing module excellent security which detect the malicious link and block the dangerous sites on the spot and ransomware multi-layer protection keep safe you date from ransomware encryption.

It also has parental control webcam protection and a firewall two-way security. You can control all your devices by providing the Bitdefender app which is known as Bitdefender central mobile app. By this app, you can scan you all your link device you this app.

There are three different versions of app is available which are Bitdefender Total Security for $40 (include all security tools), Bitdefender internet security for $35 (include parental control, ransomware protection, malware, spyware, and adware), and last one Bitdefender antivirus plus for $30 (include basic entry-level paid protection suit)

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3. Windows Defender

Windows defender antivirus which is pre-installed in Windows 10. This antivirus has failed his name due to low system protection and lag system resources. But now this antivirus made his name by the beside of other big competitors of antivirus.

Now, this antivirus provides the best antivirus security better than other antiviruses. It is now a lightweight app and doesn’t interrupt computer performance which scanning and other computer security process. They keep upgrading it to provide the best security to the user. They keep providing the new feature of their antivirus like it provide the ransomware security that some of the antiviruses provide that, parental control, secure web suffering, and many other features.


4. Panda Dome Essential

Panda Dome Essential gives you real-time malware detection security. That antivirus provides you all the essential security that is required to protect your computer against viruses.

Panda antivirus not having a good malware detection score but the other feature is best the other. This antivirus has integrated VPN and internet port scanner and real-time ping handling monitor with depth process.

The interface of that antivirus little bit weird and many wonderful features included in it. there is a high degree of customization options are available. Panda antivirus is best for the essential security of your devices.

Panda Dome Essential antivirus is available for 35.99$ yearly for 1 device.

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5. F-Secure SAFE

Another best antivirus is F-secure which gives you the best antivirus tools The price of that antivirus is a little bit high then other and of you the feature of that antivirus that then you will release that why the of the antivirus is higher than others and make their position in best antivirus list.

This antivirus gives you better performance than other antiviruses like Bitdefender internet security and Kaspersky which also both have good performance. F-Secure gives you better antivirus security tools, online banking and shopping transition, parental control, family safety tools, lost Device finder you can remotely lock your device, and also delete it as well.

The drop off the performance of while launching a popular website is 10% while Bitdefender scored 19%  and Kaspersky scored 28%.  It is because F- secure is lightweight antivirus. That antivirus doesn’t take too much load on system performance the interface of that antivirus has many advantages and simple to use. It will monitor your pc in the background it might give minimal effect on system performance while it is working.

The F-Secure Safe is available at 2 different prices, the Entry-level package (for three devices) for $69.99, the second package (for five devices) for $89.99, and the third package (for seven devices) for $89.99.

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6. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection improve the quality of their service in the past couple of the years. They are making more efforts that they can get on the first position of the best antivirus. McAfee Total protection software provides different security.  McAfee Antivirus software is available for Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android.

These alone tools have to ability to protect your computer and your personal information from hackers and criminals with its 100% percent detection rate.

It provides their own VPN Security system which makes you tension free form hacker keep your personal information and other online activities, or your online transition back records.

It gives you performance optimization by blocking auto-play videos in websites. Provide your home network security. It’s own password manager system protect your all online saved passwords. Your want to delete a sensitivity record that you can use its own Fie shredder system which deletes your sensitivity record n encryption form to ensure that no traces are left behind.

You can choose different types of subscription packages. Which include Individual Multidevice and Family. Their best family package which is now on trending that you can use one account update 10 device package validation for 1 year which is available in 50$.

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These are the best antivirus that helps you to protect your laptop from viruses and other security threats. Tell us your review which antivirus you like most and give you the best protection.

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