5 Best Farming Games for Android In 2020

5 Best Farming Games for Android In 2020

We are game lovers and like different games. If you are looking for a game’s category that for girls or boys and young or adult, then farming genres is most famous for those. Farming game is different than other game that gives you unique elements. If we talk about back in the day Facebook provides the online game scene, after day by day that games available for android in the application form.

Farming game is not so much popular but they are still sizeable game to kill your boredom.  There are survival things that you can do, in this you will raise your livestock’s watering and harvest different types of crops. You can grow your pets and crops process the supplies of your food and other materials in the barn. Maintain the design of your land, which gives you an extraordinary experience.

There are survival farming games for android that are available. But I sort out the list of best farming games for android, So here in this article I am going to show you the best farming games for android.

Best Farming Games for Android

So here there are best free framing games for android. These games are selected according to the number of user view and their rating. The graphics of all these games are quite good in quality.  This game category gives you extraordinary features and excitements. Here sees the list of some popular and best farming game for android,

1. Hay Day

Here meet the world’s most popular farming game for android. Hay day game developed by supercell company same developer who developed the clash of clan game. Hay Day still got their high position at the top and most the user addicted to that game.

If you did not about this game you should give a try. What you have to do in it, you have to do your farming job like cleaning up the old farm, plant crops, tend to livestock make different other production by combining them and turn them into profit. By completing your daily task make your self grow by doing that you will unlock the various building, upgrades, and decorating equipment.

There is a town that provides you a mini fishing game that you can play and also there is a shop at the read side which help you buy and trade thing by other players in the world.

The graphics of the game run smoothly. There many tons of other features that are available in this game. Hay day game required continuous internet connection. This game is freemium and available in google play store.

Download Hay Day (Free, in-app purchases)


2. Township

Township is another best game with a hybrid combination of farming and city builder play can build town Mine to get more resources and manage other things in your town. This game gives you a fully customizable town make and flexible plantation options. You do a lot of other things like you can plant crops, raise your livestock by feeding them regularly, by these you will earn money.

Township there is an additional element which is a zoo where you can keep your animals and that is helping to get attraction and make them happy. You can also trade different things in your town or other online town members. Also, it includes different valuable options to decorate stuff that helps you make your town look beautiful. You can connect your social account to save your progress on their online cloud storage by Facebook and Google.

This one of the largest farming games that we ever have seen. That why this is the best classic farming game for android. This game is freemium and free to download on google play store.

Download Township (Free, in-app purchases)


3. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

You might hear the name of that game by other users. It also the most popular farming game for android. This game was first launched for online facing game gaming by now that game is available for the android platform also. FarmVille is developed by Zynga. You can play that game in both offline and online mode that allows you to operate anywhere and at any time.

FarmVille has come with real fun. This game gave you the experience of the daily routine of a farmer. FarmVille provides you a very enriched farming experience full of adventure. You can create your farm according to your own style and raise your animals. which include, all framing activities like putting seeds, harvesting, and plowing, growing a different kind of crops and decoration stuff. Farming and adventures game is specially designed to entertain the players. You will spend an hour and an hour and never get bored by playing those categories.

You can trades things by your friend or other online players in the global environment. It has a co-operative mode in which you can raise and grow your plants and animals together. Raise your livestock and planting your crops, gather the resources to make other amazing recipes.

The graphics of the game look beautiful realistic in 3D texture. This game is freemium and available on google play store.

Download FarmVille: 2 Country Escape (Free, in-app purchases)

4. Let’s Farm

Lets farms game is the best alternative farming game for android which is available both for android and iOS devices. This game is developed by playday games. Let’s farm game is a pretty simple game to play. This game has 10 million farmers that enjoying it a lot. Let’s farm is considered a family game. You only need to touch and swipe to build your farm. You can plant different crops, cook food, can feed your pets and animals, and many things a lot.

If you want to keep your animals make a place of your specific animal. You can also trade things with other farmers. A shop which is available on the road helps you to trade this. Complete the daily mission to rank up and set your position in top farmers. This game provides you a vast range of decorations stuff.

If you finding a farmer game then you should also try this one. This graphics of the game is looking fairly simple and smooth. This game is freemium. So Let’s farm with other farmers and strengthen your farm.

Download Let’s Farm (Free, in-app purchases)


5. Farming Simulator 18

Farming Simulator 18 game know in the top most popular farming game that game is available for windows, android, and iOS devices. This is the huge open-world farming game and you can harvest many types of crops, take care of your live stocks which include cows, sheep, and pigs.

There are total of 30 different farming vehicles of respected brands which include challenger, Fendt, Massy, Ferguson Valtra. You can harvest sugar, beet, potato, wheat, canola, corn, and others. You can also do some additional things like breed the pigs that give you some profit. If there is a lot of work that you can not handle it alone, then you can buy an AI helper to automate some tasks on the farm.

You can also play that game in local multiplayer mode or in local wifi as well as Bluetooth. The graphics of the game look realistic 3D. this game is premium and available on google play store.

Download Farming Simulator 18 ($3.99, in-app purchases)


Enjoy The Best Farming Game For Android

These are the best selected android farming games. Tell us which farming you like most and why and also share that article with your friends.

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