5 Best City Building Games For Android in 2020

5 Best City Building Games For Android in 2020

City building game is one of the most popular genres for both android and windows user. Most of the industries contribute to many city building games. In these games, you are the owner of your own city in this game. It is because you’re are the mayor of that city and you can make or decorate your city according to your command. Sometimes you change the location of the building from one place to another or some you add the decoration piece to make that place attractive look.

Every city building game provides a different developing journey. And there are many city building games is available on the google play store. so let see the best city building game for android

Best City Building Game For Android

So here I sort out the best city building game for android which provides you an amazing journey of developing. Let’s check out which game suits you more.

1. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity Built is one of the most popular and top-rated city building games for android which is developed by EA games. This game lets you build you a city according to your desirability. You can create, decorate, and grow your city, As become the mayor of the city it is your duty to provide that all facilities make your citizens happy. You can build roads, placing houses anywhere you like, stores and create factories to make a product that helps you to upgrade your houses.

The more citizen that you make it happy they will give you more taxes. This game also consists of some real-world places landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower and some other popular places. This game will also expense the day and night cycles.

As the game goes on there will be different types of things it will be unlocked. You will get a chance to unlock the education department, airport construction material. You can also make the other supplies material which includes the power, water, sewage treatment, and others. You can also build the safety supplies which include the fire station, and hospital. You can have to take care of all things which don’t disturb the other citizens. Download today and expense the real-world building expense. This game is freely available on the google play store.

Download SimCity BuildIt (Free, in-app purchases)


2. Megapolis

Megapolis is another most popular game for android and available free on the google play store. Megapolis is a city building game which quite similar game which you might be played on the PC. You’ll never get bored when you play that game. It will give you a lot of opportunities to grow. This allows the player to build an entire city zero to a modern level.

You can build roads, airports, railroads which lead from the city in and out. You can also build some popular realistic building structures which include the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty and other famous buildings. It has more than 700+ building structures. You have to also enhance some other basic features which include, water supplies and sanitary systems.

Your aim to expand your city and make your citizen happy by building entertainment and decoration structures which include amusement parks, malls, theaters, and some others. Some other infrastructure buildings in games are military base, Research Center, railways, airport seaports, and much more. The graphics of that game is in realistic 3D building structures. Megapolis is free and available on the google play store but some of the items required real money. And continuously internet connection required to play this game.

Download Megapolis (Free, in-app purchases)


3. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is another most interesting game which includes in the best city-building games for android. This game is awarded in 2015 of golden joystick best handheld/ mobile game, DICE awards of 2016. The outer side of the world facing the post-apocalyptic you have to create a bigger vault for a brighter future underground and populate with dwellers.

Those dwellers can do different types of jobs according to your commands. You can build different types of rooms like bedrooms, dinners, services. You can assign tasks according to their skills that can produce more resources. The other amazing this is that you can even make some babies increase your dweller community. You can also send the dweller to explore the wasteland. By Exploring wasteland you will get some other materials which is useful for your further building productions.

You can also assign weapons that help to deflect the raiders. You have to also manage the supplies which are food, water, and electricity. Also, you can upgrade the facilities that more peoples can work there and produce more resources. This game is also free and available on the google play store.

Download Fallout Shelter (Free, in-app purchases)


4. City Mania

City Mania is another best city building game for android which is developed by Gameloft. You can play that game offline. These games consist of wonderful graphics. This game is lightweight. These games consist of three-dimensional locations with high-quality animations with nice effect and decent sound.

In this game, everything is now you under the controller you have to build a colorful city. You can build residential areas, parks industrial zones, Build water tower, fire station, hospital and other. City Mania game allows tons of customization options. You have to assign bizzies to a job that helps to build and optimize the city.

If you want to decorate your city can build some skyline by building famous landmarks, like the Tower of London, Eiffel Tower, the Tower of Pisa and some other famous landmarks. You have to also have to provide a safe facility like hospitals and fire stations.

It is necessary to regular usage things like build water towers, power stations, shops, fire stations, farms and greenhouses, factories for the production of building materials, and much more. By performing the various tasks, you will get magic suitcases with some additional resources. The more your citizen happy the more your city grows. It is your responsibility to make them happy. This game is free and available on the google play store.

Download City Mania (Free, in-app purchases)


5. Pocket City

Pocket city is small lite weight and similar to the SimCity game. It will give you the same city building structure experience. It also has actually construction. You have to build the residential, commercial, and industrial zone. It has different types of buildings which will be unlocked by increasing your experience level. It has some random events and weather disasters. This game totally offline and you can play it anywhere and anytime. The graphics of the game is really simple and good in look. This game is also free and available.

Download Pocket City (Free, in-app purchases)


Enjoy The Best City Building Games For Android

These games are selected according to the number of other users positive reviews and tested by me. Tell us which game you like most and also share that article with your friends.

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