5 Best Download Manager For Android In 2020

5 Best Download Manager For Android In 2020

Every Smartphone required a download manager You might be thinking that android mobile has by default download then why we need another download manager it is because default download of android can able to download one file, and it happened by most of the user whenever you download the large file at the final percentage that file fails. Sometime you can’t able to resume that download and you are forced to restart the whole process. And if you are using mobile internet than you download data will be lost due to this failure of the downloaded file.

Due to this and some other reasons we required a download manager. A Download manager downloads the file in multiple treads which help to make downloading fast. You can set a limit on the file. Your multiple download file at the same time. These download managers split the file into multiply part which accelerates the downloading speed and each section download simultaneously.

There are many download managers are available and every app has its unique features. So here I mention some best android download manager for android.


Best Download Manager Apps For Android

Here I sort out the list of best download manager apps for android which is selected according to the best user review and number of downloads. Let see which download suits you.

1. Advanced Download Manager

The advanced download manager is one of the most popular download manager for android. Whenever you try to download a file, it will capture the downloadable file and link to their downloaded list. The interface of this app is very simple and clean UI. This app supports up to three simultaneous downloads with nine threads. It has the option that it automatically resumes failed transfers.

You can schedule downloads that will be started according to your assigned time. It categories the file according to their type. You can also set the bandwidth limit. You can use its automation option. Like it will automatically pause downloading or set automatically start download when your phone is connected with WIFI according to your assigned threshold and more.  This app support browser like chrome, firefox, Dolphin, Stock Browser, Boat Browser, and much more. You can also enable their floating notification panel which will display downloading progress while you are doing some other task on your smartphone. There are a lot of other features that are including in it which you will find yourself by testing it.

Download Advanced Download Manager (Free, in-app purchases)


2. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download manager is another excellent download manager, It provides the smooth downloading progress if you receiving low bandwidth.

You can use its built-in browser, default android browser. You can also other supported browsers which include Chrome, Firefox, Skyfire, UC Browser, and another popular browser. Turbo download manager uses multiple HTTP connections methods to accelerate download speed.

As you know more threads increase the downloading speed. It supports up to 10 multiple threads which download simultaneously. You can also control the number of threads. You Pause and resume your download anytime. It can download any size of the file and optimize its buffer size. It allows the user to change the download location to your internal storage or SD Card storage. It uses the MD5 hash Validation to ensure download complete. Turbo Download manager is free to download from google play store.

Download Turbo Download Manager (Free, in-app purchases)


3. Loader Droid

The loader Droid download manager is another great app with a classic design it has some same functionality as ADM has. While suffering on the browser it automatically captures the downloadable link. IT gives you optimum downloading speed by splitting the download into parts. You can also schedule your downloading’s. It supports every type of file which includes an app, images, music’s, videos, and others. Loader Droid allows the user to set Download setting by Wi-Fi is selected you can also select mobile internet. It categories the download which helps the user to find their downloaded files easily. Loader Droid is totally free and available on google play store.

Download Loader Droid (Free, in-app purchases)


4. IDM

IDM is another popular download manager for android. It performs the same functionality which most of the other download manager performs. The best feature of this download manager is that it supports direct torrent as well. This download quite helpful for those users who required torrent downloaders. By this, you can simultaneously download up to five files. The interface of this app looks simple which easy to navigate. It automatically captures the downloadable link. this app supports up to 16 threads. You can also change the download preference that you want to download for Wi-Fi or by mobile internet. It allows the user to change the download path either to internal storage or SD Card. It includes other essential utility control which includes, scheduling, themes, automatic categorizing, bandwidth control. There are a lot of other features which you find yourself. This app is free to download and available on google play store.

Download IDM (Free, in-app purchases)


5. Download Manager for Android

If you require a download manager with no complex setting then you should try download manager for android. This download app claim that you download speed will be three-time faster than others. It allows you to download any types of files. The interface of this is user-friendly. You can use their built-in browser, file manager, bookmark manager, speech recognition, and pause or resume your downloads.

Download Download Manager for Android (Free, in-app purchases)


Enjoy The Best Download Manager For Android

That all these apps are selected according to the number for positive review and number for download. Tell us which download manager you used most and also share that article with your friends.

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