How To Check The Dpi Of An Image In Windows

How To Check The Dpi Of An Image In Windows

The quality of the image always matters most of the people dealing with the quality of the image, everyone is familiar with the resolution. If the image has a higher resolution then it will have more pixels. It doesn’t have an actual measure. These pixels depend on the camera to camera. We can’t actually measure the image quality. It is designed according to the printing description by the captured medium.

What is DPI?

DPI Stand for Dots Per Inch. DPI is used to measure the resolution of an image and on the printing screen. It measures how many dots fit in the linear inch. That’s why higher the DPI gives you High quality with detailed results.

You should note that it not a DPI per square inch. Since a 700-dpi printer can print 700 dots both horizontal and vertically per inch. It will actually become 490,000 (700 x 700) dots per square inch.

And Most of the monitor has its native resolution which will be 72 or 96 pixels per inch. So that can’t display the image with actually 300 DPI in its actual size.

So whenever you capture the image DPI data saved in metadata. All cameras produce it DPI metadata but you cannot see it by info detail from the camera. IT is because the camera resolution is set according to scale which is 1:1 or and some other scales. And some of them not produced the met detail of the image.

If you want to see the DPI, then it can be visible from the computer. So here is this article I will tell you how you can check the DPI of an image.

How to Check the DPI of an Image

You didn’t need to install any third-party software in pc to view the dpi of an image. So in this example, I download the image from my phone to the hard drive to see this DPI. Once you save that photo right-click on it and choose properties.

No select the “Detail” tab and scroll down a little bit and look on the “Image” subsection you see “Horizontal resolution” and “Vertical Resolution” in this status it will have DPI.

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