10 Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2021

Google chrome is the best web browser and most widely used right now. It is unbeatable if we compare it with another web browser, it is because google chrome provides tons of features that no other browser can give. If fast, lightweight, well designed, and packed with essential features. The best and most popular functionally of that google chrome is that it provides a bundle of extensions that you can use to enhance the functionality.

All of these extensions are available on the chrome web store. At there, you will find the hundreds of thousands of extensions that are freely available. But with the huge amount of the extension, most of the users confuse to select which extension is best for use.

So here I am sharing the best google chrome extensions list, that is most popular and most of the user use that to maximize the browser’s capability. Let see, best chrome extensions.

Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2021

Let’s explore the list of best extensions that is available for you in the google chrome browser.

1. LastPass

Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

For you, privacy and security everyone wants to set a security password that would unbreak. So secure password is important at there for staying safe online, but most of the user save the password by google password suggest or typed randomly like “[email protected]” these types is very difficult to remember.

So to resolve this problem there is an extension in google which is known as LastPass. It will store every site password in its encrypted vault. And when every you want to log in you will automatically fill web forms. You just have to remember a single master password of the LastPass account and then it will handle everything on its own.

LastPass also has the ability to import and export password forms popular password storage services like RoboForm, 1Password and KeePass also include Chrome, Firefox, and IR built-in password managers.

There is no limit to the number of passwords that are stored in it. It is the best chrome addons on our list

Download: LastPass


2. Full Page Screen Capture

Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

That situation occurs many times you have to save web file offline but In most of the cases that fill work no longer also, you cannot share it will other. So the other condition left is that capture the whole web page with a single click and download it as PNG.

So if you are looking for that extension then you should have to type Full Page Screen Capture extension. Firefox Quantum has a built-in feature that capture full page screen and that same feature provide Full Page Screen Capture in the form of an extension in google chrome.

This extension is lightweight that doesn’t require any special permission to perform their task. When you install the extension, after that open that web page which you gave capture the full page when the page loads completely just click on the Full Page Screen Capture icon located on the extension tray.

When you click on the icon it will automatically scroll the page as it’s a capture. When it starts capture you’re advised that not move your mouse under this process until it’s finished. When it fully captures the image you can download it in PNG format or in PDF you can also edit the image as well.

Download: Full Page Screen Capture


3. Disconnect

The disconnect is the most popular that is using many users. this best chrome extension that provides both privacy and security, That’s why it is called by name disconnect, this single extension disconnect the all unauthorized access that other website tries to steal information of yours.

It blocks all third-party cookies from all social media and other advertisers that try to track your browser activities. you will see cookies are blocking. They also claim that it will increase loading speed up to 44% faster

Download: Disconnect


4. Pushbullet

Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

On your smartphone the one thing that will alert you, which is notification. Notification is important for every user. So Pushbullet allows you to see all your notifications on your browser by just using the Pushbullet extension. Pushbullet sync with your phone and notify you on pc that you receiver that kind of notifications.

You can see your incoming call, transfer file from smartphone to PC, send SMS from your desktop. You can easily share files with your friends also dismiss a notification when you dismiss a notification for desktop it will also dismiss from Smartphone too.

Download: Pushbullet


5. Print Friendly & PDF

So the time you have to print you while web page, By on web page there are some other material that you don’t want to print them that are useless and your stuck wasting you ink on these printing those unless advertisements.

So this will help you in this situation Print Friendly  & PDF extension remove all navigation and commercial form which don’t require in PDF. if you required to remove some paragraphs you can also do it from this extension. It will print it in optimized form for reading. And save it in PDF.

Download: Print Friendly & PDF


6. Adblock Plus

Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

It’s no doubt most of the users hate ads, to get rid of them we should recommend that you should install AdBlock plus which is a convenient and best-known ad-blocker for chrome. You can easily install it on chrome browser from the chrome web store. and you can see their benefit immediately after installing.

if you don’t know about it let me explain to you, let’s take an example you open an ads-heavy site. When adblocker plus running you will see on AdBlock plus icons it displays every count how many ads are blocked on the current site. Also by block ads, improves the speed performance of the page and loads quicker than before.

It also has other options like if you want to allow ads, you can prevent the extension from running on a particular site. Or can make a completely new set of ad blocking rules.

But I have to say that most of the sites are dependent on advertising, So you should think about it before user an ads-blocker on a friendly site like TechGrinch.

Download: Adblock Plus


7. Session Buddy

Session buddy is a popular session manager and bookmark manager. This extension will manage your all-opened tabs. You can close all your open tab or relaunched them with just a single click. It will restore all your open tabs after a crash.

This extension also has some other functionality. You can also help the user to export tabs in a different variety of suitable for emails, documents, and post-friendly formats.

You can also rename the previous session and sort out the tab into convenient grouping which helps you to easily relaunched your customized relaunched tabs.

Download: Session Buddy


8. Privacy Badger

Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

This extension is the product of frontier foundation, Privacy Badger. The main task of the extension is to protect privacy and ad blockers. It blocks the all-invisible tracker that tries to track you and all those that seem to follow around you on the web. It provides the same functionality as AdBlock Plus provide.

It observes the all tracking tool that tries to track your data which is beneficial for advertising and which show relevant ads that you are looking for. But by using this extension your will be ghostery. Privacy badger also blocks some adverting that is dependent upon the website how aggressive the ads tracker they are using.

Download: Privacy Badger


9. HabitLab

Best Chrome Extensions
Best Chrome Extensions

Habit lab is the best extension for students and online workers who spend most of their time on different sites. This extension is an open-source project which is developed by Standford.edu. This extension tries to remain focus on the task. There are many sites that you want to spend less time on it. For example, you spend most of your time on the Facebook scrolling news feed, and that extension will hide the newsfeeds, it also worked on other sites like Youtube, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Netflix.

This Extension will show a prompt message when you’re playing a long video, hide news feed, and will display cards showing how much time required for the particular service. On this user can set their daily goals for maximum time spend on the particular sites, it will monitor the time spend and save on the record.

Download: Hitlab


10. Screencastify

Screencastify is a browser-based tool for which is used for screencasting for your browser window or tab which is best chrome addons. Screencastify allows the user to create easily recording with the microphone or without it. Also browser audio and webcam.

It also provides the annotation tool where you can spotlight your mouse cursor, draw with a pen even you can highlight the specific portion with your mouse click When you have done your recording it will automatically save to your assigned google drive with a shareable link, you can also upload that video straight to youtube.

On the free version, you can record up to 10 minutes each with a 50 video limit per month with a watermark. If you want unlimited recording then you have to purchase the 29$ annual subscription with no watermark and unlimited video length also include a video editor and other exporting options.

Download: Screencastify


Enjoy The Best Google Chrome Extension

These are the best google chrome extension that is most popular and widely used, Tell us which chrome extension is best and also share that article with other

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