5 Best App Locks For Android In 2020

5 Best App Locks For Android In 2020

In this modern world own smartphones contains a lot of sensitive data. Like private photos, online banking apps, or other sensitive data that you don’t want to share with anyone. You need to secure these things that form other prying eyes. Also, in many cases whenever your hand over you devise to kids they accidentally access those sensitive data. In some situation where you have to share your mobile phone to other people for some reason, Like for Phone calls, picture or some other purpose, but because of some personal data your become hesitate to share it with other.

For this situation, you required an AppLocker for this privacy purpose. An app locker provides a layer of security that prevents unauthorized from other users. Some of the devices provide the build-in app locker, but most of the android doesn’t. there are a lot of AppLocker apps are available on google play. So here is this article to tell some best AppLocker apps for android.

Best App Lock App For Android

These are the best app lock for android which is recommended and provide the best app lock security.

1. AppLock

Best App lock for Android
Best App lock for Android

AppLocker is one of the most popular and top-rated apps for android which is developed by DoMobile. This app provides your basic app locking functionality which prevents unauthorized access on your private data. Also, then the best thing about the app locker is that you can also hide your videos and photos from your gallery and store them in your private folder where all your sensitive record stores.

When you open this app the first time it will ask you about the patter that you have to set on your lock app. Whenever access that application, where your main app locks a pattern lock, will appear. You can also lock the WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile data also your lock even incoming calls. You can set up different profiles You also choose a different theme from its huge collection. You can also purchase the premium version of it which enables some extended feature.

Download AppLock (Free, in-app purchases)


2. Smart AppLock

Best Applock for Android
Best Applock for Android

Smart app locker is another best app lock for android by its decent look and simple user interface which is developed by TinkYeah Mobile. Why it in our best it has two reasons. First, it is lightweight and ads-free, the second-best thing is fully compatible with on-screen fingerprint sensors. You can lock your apps, incoming calls, settings, and including Wifi and Bluetooth. Some customizable option which includes auto-start upon reboot, break-in alert, delayed app locking. It will take an intruder picture when some try the wrong password and save it on your phone and also send it to you on your E-mail address that you’re added to it.

This app is lightweight and impressive in performance. This app is totally free and available on google play store.

Download Smart AppLock (Free, in-app purchases)


3. Norton App Lock

Best Applock For Android Phone
Best Applock For Android Phone

You might be known about the most popular antivirus. Now they provide their own AppLocker for more security. You can set 4 digit pin, password, or pattern as its lock system. Also including a fingerprint scanner that gives you more security than those. You can also hide your private photos and videos in its safe locker which cannot be deleted or uninstall the app without your permission.

Whenever an intruder tries to access your app with the wrong password it will capture the intruder pic and password which he/she try to access by it. Norton app locker is in our recommendation list which provides a lot of features is a single app locker. This application is free and available on google play store.

Download Norton App Lock (Free, in-app purchases)


4. Perfect App Lock

Perfect Applocker is another best app locks which give your ton of feature. This app is developed by Morrison Software. Perfect AppLocker allows the user to secure their device by PIN, Gesture, and password. You can lot some other things like WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet Data, incoming calls, and install and Uninstall apps. It provides the feature which names as a watchdog which captures the intruder picture after three unsuccessful attempts. It also provides an amazing feature that starts the service remotely using SMS command. Perfect app lock is available in two different versions which are free and paid. The paid version provides some extended features.

Download Perfect App Lock (Free, in-app purchases)


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5. AppLock by IVYMobile

Best Applock For Android Phone
Best Applock For Android Phone

Applock by IVYMOBILE is another decent app that secures your privacy from other intruders. This app comes with various customization options. It allows the user to lock pretty much everything that contains in your smartphone. You can enable PIN, password, or pattern lock select any of these that suit your best. Your user its a photo and video vault which secures in its own private area. Applock gives you a customizable set of themes and wallpapers.

You can also enable the intruder selfie option which captures that photo whenever an intruder tries to break your phone security. Also, you can replace the icon of the app with an alarm clock, weather, calculator, calendar, and notepad on your home screen. You can adjust the timer of your lock frequency by always, 5 min or until the screen off. Its power-saving feature will enable when your phone battery below 50%. This is free and available on the google play store.

Download AppLock by IVYMobile (Free, in-app purchases)


Enjoy The Best AppLock For Android

These are best app locks for android. These apps are select according to the number of best reviews, it’s functionality, and number for download. Tell us which app locks you’re like most and also share that article with your friends.

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