How To Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

How To Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Are you struggling with your many tabs or are researching something? When you find these your open many tabs, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage them.  For these issues now google provides a new feature which is known as tab group.

The Tab group feature allows the user to group all open tabs with a single click. You can also do some other customizable features like name, color, and some other some others.

This feature was released in Chrome 83 but now it is available in a stable version. But that you have to enable it from the chrome flag but now you don’t need to do that you can now enable it with a single click.

So here it this article I am going to show you how you can enable the tab group feature in google chrome.

How to Use Tab Group in Chrome

The Tab group feature is now enabled by default in the latest version of the chrome browser. What you have to do make sure that you have the latest version.

Now open a few tabs in your chrome browser.

After that right-click on any tab and select “Add to New Group” from the context menu.

How To Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome
How To Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

When you select the add to the new group you will see a colored circle appear where you’re your right in that area. You can also customize it. Click on the colored doted it will give your some option, at there your can the color to make your group unique, the name that group, make a new tab in the group, ungrouped, and closed grouped.

How To Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome
How To Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

New Group Tab: Make a new grouped tab in the existing group.

Ungroup: Ungrouped the selected group.

Close Group: Close All tab which inside the selected grouped.

That’s all that’s how you can use the google chrome Tab group feature, I hope that you understand well. Share these new features with your friends.

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