Windows 10 20H2 Update CHKdsk Bug That May Damage File System And Blue Screens of Death Error

The Windows latest update which is rolled out on 10 December 2020. but in this update, a problem came back which the user doesn’t want that. Blue Screen Of Death error now can come back, just when it looks like it is gone.

This error has unintentionally dangerous bug cause the process of CHKDSK. if you don’t know what the CHKDSK is basically. CHKDSK is the integrated system file checking utility. This operation is the performance when using this utility command. and you might be thinking what this utility command actually does. That command checked the files and fixed them based on the correct series of parameters.

This update which is launched on 10 December of windows 10 with the KB4592438 patch, but unfortunately that update contains this blue screen of Death issue.

According to the BornCity blog. The person analyzed the BSoD issue on seven computers that contain windows 10 20H2 version. When he starts analyzing the affected SSD that is working on that system. Could not able to determined it as a logical windows drive and started detected only raw partition. And When he user the /f chkdsk option the chances are it could destroy the NTFS file system.

This bug is only occurring on windows 10 latest version of 20H2. So we suggest that you should abstain from using the CHKDSK command on the command prompt. If you really want to use the CHKDSK command then I recommend that you should strongly make a backup of your whole system to continue the process.

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