You Can Now Play New Surf Game in Microsoft’s Edge

You Can Now Play New Surf Game in Microsoft’s Edge

Microsoft has developed a free surf game that you can play on Microsoft Edge in build 83.0.478.37. You can play that game when you having and internet or not. For example, in the Chrome browser, you can play Dino games, when no internet available. Same as it is you play that game. Now this game is available in a stable version in the latest version of Microsoft Edge. This Surf game is accessible for both online and offline mode. This game is in pixelated graphics this game is launched by the inspired by SkiFree, which is a classic windows game from 1990.

In November 2019, Microsoft launched its surfing game by name Easter Egg for keen to know about the version of the Edge browser. After that in February 2020, Microsoft adds in its beta dev and canary channels. Now this game is available in a stable channel that everyone now can play that.

How to Play the Microsoft Edge Surf Game

The method is simple to play that game in your Microsoft Edge browser. Before starting that make sure that you install the Microsoft Edge version 83 or later installed version. After that, there are two types of methods to play that game. In Online method type edge://surf in your address bar to open the game. Other If you are offline mode when you have no internet, you type a website it shows internet Disconnected”

This surf game challenge the player to surf through the water with other players while avoid from you fellow surfers, by islands, and other obstacles. One your way you can collect hearts that extend your life and collect boost which increases your speed. Control of the game is the zig-zag method operated by Arrow key from your keyboard and space used to pause and resume the game.

There are three types of game modes in it. Which are Endless in which you have to go far as long as you can go. In Time Trial you have to reach at the end of the seashore as fastest as you can in limited time. In Zig-Zag mode you have to pass through the gate.

It also supports the keyboard and Moure, touch screen and other controllers which include Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch Pro


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