Microsoft Is Lunching A Brand New Modern OS

Microsoft Is Lunching A Brand New Modern OS

This week, Microsoft made mention of a new “modern OS” that it aspires other use to create that powerful, new and unique device form factors like foldable PCs, laptops, tablets, and more, in the near future.

As here’s what the tech giant Microsoft stated that it would be easy to upgrade, secure by default, touch and stylus pen compatible, and adaptable to different PC formats. We all know very well that in the tech giant Microsoft is working on its brand new modern Operating system. But what is Microsoft’s modern OS? That’s the question on everyone’s mind right now. This brand-new OS will be totally different from Windows 10 OS, which is the one that will try to compete against it.

Microsoft was incredibly vague in the announcement, only detailing some of the features and capabilities it hopes to include with its modern OS. It has never once mentioned Windows 10, it never showed us what it looks like, and it never told us when we can expect this modern OS to be ready. But we came to know that window 10 will the last of the window and they will create new os.

Today, I want to tell you about Microsoft’s modern OS, analyze what was highlighted, and fill in the gaps where necessary using information from sources internally at Microsoft. So let’s dive in.

All seems that the tech giant Microsoft may be want to tell about to the all-new Windows Lite which are basically made for the competitors like the Chromebook which are based on ChromeOS and for the dual-screen devices.

The most strange thing is that the tech giant Microsoft does not say or suggest at any point that the latest version of Windows, of course, the Windows 10 meets all these requirements.  let’s get started and explore the whole list that the tech giant Microsoft has listed that what he said Parker went on to emphasize the main “enablers” that this modern OS should include:-

  • Seamless updates that are all done in the background, without interrupting users’ workflows.
  • Security by default to keep users protected against malicious attacks, with separate processing of applications, and certain separate system components it simply protects the user from malicious attacks.
  • Multi-sense It also offers support for various input types including keyboard, mouse, stylus pen, voice, touch, and even everything the look as well.
  • Form factor agility It also comes with the right sensor support and posture awareness which simply enable the system and applications to adapt itself according to the partners’ ecosystem.
  • Always-on connectivity, with built-in support for LTE and 5G networks
  • Sustained performance – It always keeps everything ready the user picks up the device for smooth usage.
  • Cloud-connected experiences powered by AI to help users be more productive throughout the day
  • AI (Artificial intelligence) – The integration of AI simply allows the system to predict user actions and make all the applications smarter.
  • Support for multiple input methods (pen, voice, touch, gaze) and form factors.

According to the media portal, Windows Central, the tech giant Microsoft is probably referring to make Windows Lite. While the rumors say that this will be a direct competitor to Chrome OS, and would come with a new interface and would be ready to adapt for dual-screen notebooks, which is a strong trend at this year’s 2019 Computex show.

Moreover, the tech giant Microsoft’s said that It would be able to run universal apps progressive web apps and traditional Microsoft Store with Win32 programs.

While apart from all these things the sources close to the tech giant Microsoft has also stated that Microsoft should not want to reveal about all the details about the all-new Windows Lite later this year, possibly in October, if the internal development schedule is not changed.

We don’t know when Microsoft will start talking about its modern OS in a more official manner. The next likely timeframe would be in October, as we’re told Microsoft is planning an event for around that time. Either way, Windows Core OS is coming soon, and it’s going to enable a whole new generation of Windows devices.


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