Is Your Virtual Memory Too Low? Here’s How to Fix It!

If your computer works slowly it working like a tortoise and takes too much time to install some program. Sometimes the computer shows the low Virtual memory warning and your computer crawl very slowly to pick required programs. So in windows, 10 virtual memory is now more important and it is the essential component that is basically designed to remove temporary allocated memory which is less frequently used modified those pages allocated to RAM to your hard drive.  which become help full for the system to prioritize your faster physical memory and improve your system performance

If you are one of the users who experienced the same low virtual memory issue or tries to improve your system performance then your come to the right place. The best this is that Windows 10 allows the user to modify their virtual memory which means your can increase your virtual memory So here is this article, I will show you how to increase the virtual memory.

What Is Virtual Memory?

In your computer, there are two types of storage memory. One is your hard drive/ Solid-state drive which is also known as non-volatile memory and store your data in it permanently and the other one RAM (Random access memory) which is also known as volatile memory and store your data temporarily. So, what is virtual memory?

When you are running a lot of programs and which utilize your RAM First, when your computer uses all your available RAM in your computer it started utilizing your virtual memory which is also known as swap memory. This memory is using the part of your hard drive to expand more RAM. It helps your computer to work faster and handle more programs. When your memory runs very low paging memory comes to help and provides additional high speed.

Virtual memory is that memory which basically helps the operating system to execute that program which required high resource. With the help of virtual memory, you can run easily heavy programs that required high resources. In windows 10 when you install windows virtual memory allocated automatically according to operating system need. but sometimes the low virtual memory notification occurs when windows unable to access the pagefile.sys

How to Increase Your Virtual Memory

Just follow these steps to increase your virtual memory.

Step-1 Open your Control Panel.

Step-2 Go to System and Security > System and in your left side panel select Advance System Settings.

Virtual Memory Too Low
Virtual Memory Too Low

Step-3 Under Advanced tab Infront of Performance click on Setting Button.

Virtual Memory Too Low
Virtual Memory Too Low

Step-4 Now click on Advanced tab and click on change button which is Infront of virtual memory.

Virtual Memory Too Low
Virtual Memory Too Low

Step-5 Now select the C drive check the Custom size and Give the size which you want to assign it. You can Give the size up to 12GB if your set you virtual RAM more the 12GB then it might be miss behave in the system working. So Recommended size 8-11GB and then click on OK button.

Virtual Memory Too Low
Virtual Memory Too Low

Step-6 After that you should restart your computer then your virtual memory change

That all. I hope that you understand well comment us below and share it with your friends

That’s all. that’s how you can fix your low virtual memory problem. I hope that you understand it will, if you have any doubt then comment below and share it with other friends.

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