One Of The Best AOMEI Backupper Standard Software For Windows

In this modern world, every company required software that makes a backup system. IT happened with most of the users due to minor failure you lose your whole data, so that why backup software required to protect data from this will be life-saving in that situation. There are plenty of backup software are available on the internet but we recommended the AOEMI Backupper which is a freeware product. The best thing about Backupper is very some to use to make a backup of you. You can download backup software from its official site.


Feature of the AOMEI Backupper

Backupper provides a lot of benefits let check out the detail of it.

Simple And User-Friendly Interface.

AOMEI Backupper Interface
AOMEI Backupper Interface

AOMEI backupper provides a very simple and user-friendly interface. All settings adjust in order. On the interface, you see an option of, Backup, Sync, Restore, Clone, Tools. On the Home screen, you will see the New backup and New Sync button.



The performance is improved in their latest version and it is significantly faster than the previous version. It makes a backup of the system is an efficient time. And restoring speed is also good.

Different Types Of Backup Category

AOMEI Backupper Backup Options
AOMEI Backupper Backup Options

In the backup section, you will see it give you different types of category settings.

1. System Backup

System backup will make a backup of your windows operating system. in case of any software or hardware failure. By make system backup you can restore your windows back to life.

2. Disk Backup

Disk backup makes the backup of your entire hard drive which includes the Windows operating system, installed programs, system settings, and other drive personal data.

3. Partition Backup

Partition Backup makes the partition of the select drive, it will use when you migrate your personal data from one computer to another computer.

4. File Backup

If you want to make a backup of a specific folder, like an important data folder, or some files like music, videos, and picture. You just choose the file backup option to select a specific folder or file set your backup destination and press the start backup button that’s it.



AOMEI Backupper Sync Options
AOMEI Backupper Sync Options

If you want to sync files from other locations, try the file sync option. It will allow you direct access to the exact copy of the source files without compression.

It gives you four types of sync options which include, basic sync and in pro version, you will get Real-time sync, mirror sync, Two-Way Sync.



AOMEI Backupper Clone Options
AOMEI Backupper Clone Options

Backupper also give clone, so here in a clone you will get, System clone which only available on the pro version, and other as Disk Clone which makes a clone of harddisk to other, Partition Clone make a clone of partition or selected volume from one to and other partition, and Disk Wipe will delete the whole data in encryption from to ensure that it will never recover and remover virus permanently.


Export /Import And Logs

You can easily import and export your log records, which really helps you recover all your backup tasks to AOMEI backupper.


Email Notifications

You can keep yourself connected with it by email notification. It will send you a report of the execution results to you assign email address you set before.


Extra Tools

It has some other extra tool:

  • Create Bootable Media
  • Explore Image
  • Recovery Environment
  • Notification Settings
  • Share/NAS Management
  • View Logs
  • Check image
  • Import/Export Configuration
  • AOMEI PXE Boot Tool
  • AOMEI Image Deploy
  • AOMEI Centralized Backupper
  • AOMEI Onekey Recovery


Pro Price Plan

AOMEI backupper is a freeware software, but can also use their pro plan which gives you some extended features. AOMEI  back upper professional is about 39.99$, with its money-back guarantee.

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