Googles New Offline Amazing App For Android Gallery Go

Google Just Launched There New an Amazing App For Android!

Gallery Go By Google Photos Android app is designed to allow the people editing their photos without an internet connection. This is an amazing Lite weight app, it works offline and Just take 10MB space on your smartphone. So lite app means more storage. It is basically the enhanced version of the google photos with news features. Google Photos is most popular app it helps the users to free up some storage space because it automatically backs up the photos on its google cloud.

Googles New Offline Amazing App For Android Gallery Go
Googles New Offline Amazing App For Android Gallery Go

Google Photos is most popular on the Google Play Store, it’s right now used by millions of users and leading the google apps products. However, you might notice that if you are using Google Photos for some time, then you might know that the app depends on internet connectivity a lot. Because this app is basically made to store your photos on cloud storage the app is mostly used for cloud storage and backup purpose, the app is nothing without proper internet connectivity.

Gallery Go have Automatic Organization photo arrangement system. Every night Gallery GO Automatically arrange your photos in the form of the group by Selfies, Nature, Documents, Videos, Movies, and Animals. It helps you to easily find that pic you want.

It also has SD Card support to view, copy and transfer a file to SD cards easily. It work offline to optimized your works, it helps you to easily manage the store all your photos and videos without internet.

It also has auto-Enhanced photo editing feature, Simple tap on the auto enhanced feature to enhance your photos to look best.

Googles New Offline Amazing App For Android Gallery Go
Googles New Offline Amazing App For Android Gallery Go

Some basic picture editing options were additionally included in Google Photos, very similar to Google Photos. Since it works offline, the app doesn’t care whether or not your photos & videos were backed up or not. It simply shows photos that were kept on your android smartphone.

While this app might come back as a pleasant surprise for some android users others have complaints. Users say they want Google had taken into account devices running versions below 8.1 into thought when developing the app because it isn’t compatible with their devices.

Download Google Go (Free, in-app purchases)

So, what do you think about the new app from Google? Share your views with us in the comment box below.

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