10 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android In 2020

10 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android In 2020

We always confirm we’ve some kind of fail-safes to look at our steps. There are some errors caused by somebody’s on android that you simply will simply rectify the opposite hand there are the other sorts from that you may not recover, or maybe if you were to recover, it’s going to take quite a few days. Like we tend to are performing on the document for a month and that we accidentally delete that file that ought to do to urge by recovery software.

So we have the answer of that drawback to save lots of you that why On a PC, we tend to get the choice of ‘Recycle Bin’ that allows users to recover unexpectedly deleted files and folders to PC. However, on Android, the ‘Recycle Bin’ feature is missing. That means, there’s no choice to recover files once being deleted. Let’s Gets Started

10 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android In 2020

These are the best list of Recycle bin apps for android there apps are select according to the user reviews and number for download let’s explore the list and download the app which you like.

1. Recycle Master

If Your Are Looking for the recycle bin app for android that can save your Android backup of everything that you delete and allows you to easily restore important files? Then the Recycle Master app is your best app for you to solve this problem. The app functions work much like the recycle bin like in your Windows PC, storing all your deleted files in one convenient location.

If you Unfortunately delete an important file that is really important for you, the file is added to Recycle Master’s home page under the ‘Recent Removed’ section, allowing you to restore the file with a single tap. In some cases you’re not able to find a specific file, Recycle Master also offers a ‘Deep Recover‘ feature with which you can scan your smartphone’s internal storage and locate the missing file that is permanently deleted from your phone. The app works well for all file types and it even takes backups of uninstalled apps, which is an added benefit.  That’s why Recycle Bin in Our Best Top App in the list

Download | Google Play Store


2. Dumpster

Dumpster is the best Recycle type software on google play store,  and top-rated Android recycle bin app that you can use right now by many users. One of the best features thing about dumpster is that it temporarily saves everything that you delete from mobile from the internal storage. While the app also features a ‘Deep Scan Recovery’ feature, it also wasn’t able to recover some of the deleted files. Dumpster App doesn’t require root access to run on your Android smartphone this software. That’s why Dumpster in Our Best Top App in the list


Download | Google Play Store


3. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is another best recycle bin app that you can use on your Android phone. This app is working on both rooted and non-rooted type Smartphone device, it performs well and Works on a rooted device. Just like Dumpster, DiskDigger also gives for Your Feature delete all other unnecessary files with a single tap, which will completely remove them from your phone’s storage. But make sure you’ve restored all your important apps before tapping on the ‘Clean up’ button as you won’t be able to recover any files deleted using this method.

DiskDigger also gives a recycle bin feature which saves all deleted files on your Android smartphone like a recycle bin. Another feature of DiskDigger is its cloud storage service which allows users to utilize the DiskDigger’s cloud service to save deleted files. That’s why DiskDigger in Our Best Top App in the list

Download | Google Play Store


4. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer is the best and top-rated best for android users. Cx file manager app for your Android smartphone that has the recycle bin features too to recover an unnecessary file which is deleted. The recycle bin feature on Cx File Explorer is also conveniently located on the app’s home page and allows you to restore accidentally deleted files with a single tap or delete them altogether. That means every file that you delete using Cx File Explorer were stored on the Recycle Bin folder By Single Tap button. So, the app allows users to restore accidentally deleted files. That’s why Cx File Explorer in Our Best Top App in the list

Download | Google Play Store


5. File Commander

File Commander is the best and top-rated file and Mostly Used by the user. manager app on the list which has the Recycle Bin feature. The feature can be found on the app’s home page and lists all of the recently deleted files in a convenient list from where you can restore whichever files you need or permanently delete the files you don’t need. The Recycle Bin feature of File Commander allows users to restore accidentally deleted files and folders. The Feature of the Recycle Bin is only present in the premium version of File Commander. That’s why File Commander in Our Best Top App in the list.

Download | Google Play Store

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6. Recycle Bin

If you are looking for the best alternative Recycle Bin for smartphone the then recycle bin will help you in this situation. It one of the best that works like recycle bin on your computer. After installing this app whenever you delete your file accident you can restore it this recycle bin app. This application is secure and it will not leak your personal data or privacy.  You just have to tap on the play button to activate its functionality.  When it is activated you can able to restore your deleted file. All deleted files will be moved in it. You will see info like when you deleted that file and file size. If you want to deactivate it tap on the same button to deactivate. The design of this app is very simple and no more confusing function.

Download | Google Play Store


7. Simple Gallery- Photo and Video Manager & Editor

Simple Gallery by its name is a gallery app that has recycle bin feature. In all galley app features like edit your photo, crop image, and other image editing functionality. The gallery app gives the user a benefit that displays all images that are stored in your mobile that helps the user to easily find the image.  Except for all of this feature, one user wants most that is the recycle bin feature. Whenever you explore the photos or videos and accidentally delete the image. It will be not deleted permanently from your device that image will be stored in its built-in recycle bin. And you can restore it whenever you want. This app is freemium with no ads, no bloatware and it completely secure.

Download | Google Play Store


8. MiXplorer

Mixplore is a file manager app, but this app is popular due to the recycle bin feature. You can use this app simply like a file manager, you do all operation of a file manager like cut, copy-paste, change the theme, change the sorting of files, and other things. The other best feature of this app is that you can compress your file in the zip, rar, and some other file formats. You can also connect your other online cloud storage with it. It also has a built-in recycle bin feature. By default, it will disable you have to enable it to use this feature. To enable it to go to settings and at there enable the recycle bin 0ption, whenever you delete any file it will ask that whether you want to move to recycle bin or delete it completely. This app is premium and available on google play store.

Download | Google Play Store


9. WRB

This is another most popular recycle bin app. This app is only used for WhatsApp. This app is developed by Impractical Labs. This app allows the user to recover the deleted message from your WhatsApp. This will notify you to want someone to delete the WhatsApp message. When someone sends the message a deletes that message at that time that message will be saved in WRB. On the other side users will see that sent message delete but he doesn’t know that you save their delete message by this app. This app becomes help full when you talking about some important conversion You can quickly search all chat or delete them all. This app has a very simple Ui and easy to use.

Download | Google Play Store


10. ES File Explorer

Ex file Explorer is the best file manager app for android. It has all that a file manager app has. But it one of the most advanced file manager software that has more additional tools. Like you can share file thought it. It has an FTP system that allows you to access your mobile data on other devices. You can also connect your Cloud drive like google drive, dropbox, and some other popular cloud drive storage. You can also clean your junk file through its cleaner tool. Some other tools like Network Manager, Sender, View on Pc Cast, File compression, and Encryption.

The best thing about the app is the recycle bin. By default, it will be disabled. If you want to use it you have to enable it. After enable the recycle bin feature whenever you delete the file. It will ask before delete that you have to move the file to you recycle bin or delete it permanently.

Download | From UptoDown


Enjoy The best Recycle Bin App For Android

That’s all these are the best recycle bin app for android. Tell us which recycle bin app you like most and why. Also, share that article with your friends.

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