How To Use RAM As Hard Drive, How To Create RAMDisk

Everybody wants a faster storage system on their computer. Now many users using SSDs which is better and faster than a hard drive. But it is costly than a hard drive. But if you have many RAM sticks which are idle in your computer then you can use it as a hard drive. Yes, use it as a faster storage system by RAM which becomes known as RAM-disk. There are plenty of third-party software available which is used to create the RAM as a hard drive

RAM Disk support up to 4GB of storage space lets get started and see how you set up a RAMDisk

What is RAMDisk?

We know that RAM is a fast memory which also known as volatile memory. When you open a program, it will load into your RAM. But when you again open that program it will load faster than before, because that program is already loaded in your ram. That why it loads faster the second time.

RAM Disk is like a virtual drive that is created on your system just like other drives on your computer. RAMDisk stores the data in computer RAM instead of Harddrive. It will optimize the working performance. For example, you install a program in your RAMDisk it will load faster with lightning speed. Because the data is already stored you faster memory. This means faster application loading and faster read and writing performance.

Note:” you maybe know that RAM Store that data temporary and it lost all his data when computer shutdown, that means the data which you stored inside the RAM drive as long as the computer has the power source that data remain to save. When you shut down the computer, all data which is stored in a RAM drive will be gone forever.

How To Create RAMDisk?

There is much third-party software available that will create RAMDisk which will work as a hard drive. So in order to create a ramdisk, you should have to know how much RAM you have. This is because Windows OS needs around 2GB of memory to function properly and you should have an extra 1GB of Memory for other software. So Finally I have to say you should have at least 4GB RAM on your computer

How To Use RAM As Hard Drive In Windows 10?

To Create a RAMDisk you should have to download software. There are a lot of software which is paid, free some of them now become old. I Recommend you AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk which is freeware software. See the step which is given below to Create a RAMDisk

Step 1. Download and install AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk on your computer. Use that official site AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk

Step 2. Open Radeon™ RAMDisk application you will see that interface. At their set you Disk Ram Size.

How To Use RAM As Hard Drive
How To Use RAM As Hard Drive

Step 3. Now click on Load/Save tab. At there you have to enable the option – ‘Save Disk Image at Shutdown’ and Load the Specified saved image. It saves the file in hard disk before shutdown.

How To Use RAM As Hard Drive
How To Use RAM As Hard Drive

Step 4. Now click on Start RAMDisk button to create RAMDisk it will take few movements a new RAMDisk drive will appear on your computer.

How To Use RAM As Hard Drive
How To Use RAM As Hard Drive

And this is the speed test of the RAMDisk.

How To Use RAM As Hard Drive
How To Use RAM As Hard Drive

That’s all, that’s how you can create RAMDisk as Hard Drive on Windows 10. Feel free to share your question or concern with us, so we can try to resolve your issue and we will pass on your feedback to other readers and also to your friends and share that article with others.

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