How To Fix Microphone Problems On Android Phones

How To Fix Microphone Problems On Android Phones

The problem of Microphone on android smartphones is one of the most common problems that most of the face in their life once. It one of the frustrating and annoying things that user experience. When you are in the middle of some important and your microphone suddenly off.

This microphone is caused by software malfunction or some kind of hardware damage. Many users report that during the call, and some usual mic not work. So I am going to share some tips to fix this problem.

So here is this article I am going to share some method that how you can fix the microphone problem in your android smartphone.

What are the causes of Microphone problems

Before trying these fixes. Let’s see what is the reason that your microphone stops working. That might be help to know before try given fixes.

1. By Network Problems

A network problem is another and most common cause. Why it is because when are in the call by someone and that time suddenly other uses stops hearing your voice. So this is not the microphone problem you should blame your network carrier.

2. Microphone blocking

Most of the time whenever you attend the call you accidentally block the point of the microphone. Or block by the dirt Accumulation. So, make sure that you do not block your microphone by your finger. Or it is blocked by dust clean it carefully.

3. Third-Party Apps

There is a lot of third party software are available on the internet which creates a problem when it interacts. This third party software interrupts the other software connection which becomes the cause of this microphone issue.

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Fix Microphone Problems On Android Smartphones

There are multiple reasons why your phones mic stop working. All possible methods to fix this problem which I am going to share with you. Follows these fixes carefully according to instruction. Which might could help this problem?

1. Restart Your Device

This is one of the quick solutions to fix this microphone problem on your smartphone. If you are using your mobile for a long time without restarting it. So now this time you have to restart it. Restarting your phone not only the fix the microphone problem but also fixes the other error which occurs on your phone. After restarting your phone, it still has a microphone problem then moves to the next fix.

2. Clean the Microphone with a Pin

Everybody knows that in most cases your microphone stops working due to dirt accumulation. Dirt does not accumulate in one night in your phone holes. It accumulates dirt long periods of time without clearing it.

So you need to use a small pin or other with which is small then the hole microphone which can be inserted correctly in it poke out the dust through it. Also, blow some air through your mouth direct in the microphone hole. If you are worried that by self-cleaning you might be damage your phone the take your phone by some local smartphone repair shop for cleaning the microphone hole.

3. Disable the Noise Reduction

In some Android Smartphone, it has some extra feature which is used for calling purpose. That feature is known as “Noise Reduction”. Noice Reduction basically removes the extra background noise will during calls which helps the other use the listen to their voice clearly. By in the modern world with updates of other software this feature creating some bugs. Now some times it blocks the call completely. So that might be the reason for your microphone problem. If you want to disable this feature the follow my instructions to disable the noise reduction.

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • In Settings, you will find option Call Settings, tap on it.
  • In Call, Settings find the option Noise Reduction and disable it.
  • After disabling the noise reduction option restart your android option and check that your microphone problem is solved?.

By this your microphone problem solved. If not then move to the next step.

4. Find and Remove The Third-Party App

As I already mentioned above that it can also cause by third-party software. It is because of third-party software interfaces with a microphone connection which disturbs the other access. So what you have done, you need to boot your android phone into safe mode which disables all unwanted software. After enabling the safe mode test that your microphone is now working or not. If it starts working then you need to find that software interrupts the microphone access which is the main cause of this problem.

5. Force Stop Bixby Voice

This method is only for Samsung Galaxy S9 users. If that use also facing the same microphone problem.

Just open your Settings and the open apps. At there find the Bixby Voice and Choose Force Stop and then check that your microphone start working


After all, these fix you still facing the microphone problem in your android smartphone then it might be a hardware issue. You need to go to the mobile repair service.

That’s all these are all possible fixes that can resolve the microphone problem. If hope you understand it well. If know any other method to fix this microphone then share it with us and also share that article with your friends.


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