How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

When you are using your computer after some time your computer fans frequently hit top speeds, it’s the indication sign that your CPU usage is now reaching 100%. Why it’s happening and what are the reason it goes to maximum usage of the CPU. It is a very common problem and face by the user. Now is this article I will tell you the reason and how to fix this problem. Here are the several fixes you should have to try. Let’s get started.

What is the CPU?

The CPU Stands for the Central processing unit which is like a brain of the computer and is also known as the processor. Is used to control the flow of data and instruction and control another component of the computer. It receives the data as input and executes the instruction and process that information. In short, CPU communicates with another component of the computer. But when there are processing do at the same time then your computer crawl very slowly.

WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.EXE) Causing High CPU Usage then Restart it.

WMI Provider Host is also known as Windows Management Instrumentation or in other name is know as WmiPrvSE.exe, is the part of the window monitoring and troubleshooting the system drivers.

If you want to check that open Task Manager by Press and hold (CONTROL + SHIFT + ESC) and find in it WmiPrvSE.exe. If its CPU processing is high Than You should have to restart it.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

To restart the WmiPrvSE.exe You should have to open services to do this press and hold (Win + R) to Open Run Windows and type “services”. A new window will be open to and then find Windows Management Instrumentation. Right-click on it and click on the restart option. It will simply restart your computer.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

End up Background process which consumes CPU

When you notice that your PC is running slow then maybe your CPU usage will be 100%  it will be running in the background. Background process are those process that’s running on your PC, even though it’s not open in that program or window. We know that our computer manages many background processes.

If you want to check this open Task Manager by the press and hold (CONTROL + SHIFT + ESC) The Processes tab will appear by default selected, at there you will see the displaying not only overall CPU usage but also the usage of each app which consumes your CPU.

At there find the process in which the application consumes more CPU find It and close it by highlight that program and click on the end process.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

Disable P2P Share

The P2P Share is the feature of the Windows 10 PC  which is also responsible for this may also cause the 100% CPU usage issue. You can disable ti fix this issue Here is the step ho to do it:

1) Press and hold (WIN + I) to open setting Then click Update & Security.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

2) Now Click Advanced options that are on the right side.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

3) Scroll down to find Delivery Optimization and click on it.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

4) Turn off this which is located under Allow downloads from other PCs. You’ll be prompted for permission. Click Yes to turn off this feature.

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

Run an antivirus scan

The other cause of the 100% CPU usage issue is also probably caused by viruses on your PC.  A system which is infected by the virus may run processes in the background which may be trying attempt to spread itself by sending malware to others via your network, email, or other. All of this requires processing power to do it which slow down your computer.

So, you should try running an antivirus scan to see if there are viruses, malware, spyware or Trojans or on your PC. If there are any kind of viruses detected after you scan your PC, then you have to delete them immediately. After you deleted all the viruses, this issue will be fixed. If there are no viruses detected, maybe this issue is not triggered by the viruses on your PC, and you can try the next fix to solve this problem.

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High CPU Usage Is a Diverse Issue to fix Windows high CPU usage 

Sometimes it happened by the corrupted driver caused by High CPU usage can be hard to track down. Corrupted driver perform malfunction in the program which now working properly so You should fix the drive by some using some driver updater software and update it regularly Moreover also update your Windows it is because update enhanced the feature of the window and also fix the vulnerability of the system.

Disable Startup Programs That Takes high CPU and slows PC

When you turn on your computer at the time of turning on at welcome area the startup program will start automatically at the time of start. It is also the cause of high CPU usage. You can turn off that program which you don’t want to start at the time of boot. How to do this.

  • Press and hold (Control + Shift + ESC) to open Task Manager.
  • Now Click on the Startup tab in the “Task Manager “. Highlight the program which you doesn’t want to start that program at the time of start and then click on the disable button.
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

Disable Superfetch to fix Windows high CPU usage 

Basically, superfetch is used to boost up the system processing it a window service but we know that many programs are running at the background so it runs all the time. You can disable it.

  • Press and hold (Win + R)to open Run Window and Type “Services” new dialog box will be open.
  • At there you have to find Superfetch right-click on it and click on click on
  • Now select the status type “Disable” and click on the “stop” button After that click on the apply button to save changes.
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows
How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

Use Registry Editor to fix Windows high CPU usage 

Note: Please do this operation careful because it Is very sensible operation Registry Editor can clear and remove some useful files on your Computer while by using this command clear command to fix high CPU usage issue.
Therefore, you have to take backup important files and also save data to an external storage device before you try this tip which is given below.

  1. Press and hold (Win + R)to open Run Window dialog and type “Regedit” hit Enter.
  2. Follow this path:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management.
  1. Find “ClearPageFileAtShutDown” at the highlight it and set its value to 1.
  2. After that Restart your computer and your CUP high usage issue will be fixed.

Reduce The Animations of Windows

In windows 10 there are a lot of animations that are running on the background which consumes the CPU a lot which is another reason that uses high CPU usage. you can easily enable and disable these animations. To disable these just follow these steps which are given below.

  • Right click on this pc and select properties.
  • After that click on the Advanced System Settings located in left panel.
  • Select the Advanced tab and then select “Setting” under performance.

make your computer faster

I hope that these methods fix your problem if like that comment us below and share with your friends

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