How to Exit Safe Mode in Windows 10

How to Exit Safe Mode in Windows 10

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode in windows and any other Windows version. Safe mode allows the operating system to start the minimal drive and windows 10 services. If there is any kind of troubleshooting error occur and not fix in normal mode the other option is left safe mode to troubleshoot that error. When you fix your issue, you can simply restart your computer to exit from safe mode to operate normal mode.

So, sometimes simply restart to exit from safe mode. Some users in windows 10 stuck in safe mode. There are some methods to enable safe mode like you can enable safe mode by Windows Settings, System Configurations. I depend on which method you use to enable the safe mode if you want to exit from it then are a few different steps that you have to follow to disable safe mode.

So here to guide you to how to exit from safe mode windows 10 and switch in normal mode.

How to Exit Safe Mode in Windows 10


Method 1 How to exit Safe Mode after Shift + Restart and Settings method

If you enable boot mode form Shift + Restart method or by applying Advanced Startup method from Windows Settings.

Then you can disable safe mode simply restart your computer after reboot your computer will on in normal mode.

If you enable safe mode by these methods then try other methods which are given below.

Method 2 How to exit Safe Mode after using System Configuration method

If you are stuck after using safe mode by System configuration option. You should have to disable safe mode from system configuration in order to rid of it.

  • Press Windows + R to open Run Window.
  • Type “exe” without quote and press Enter button.
  • Select the Boot tab and then under the Boot options, you will see Safe Boot box Uncheck that to disable safe mode.
  • When you click on the OK button, a new windows dialog box appears at their click on the Restart button.

Method 3 How to exit Safe Mode By Command Prompt.

If you try above mention method and still stuck on safe mode then there is an alternative method in Exit from safe mode. You can Exit from safe mode by using Command Prompt.

  • Press Windows + R to open run Windows.
  • Type “cmd” With quote and press Enter button.
  • Now in Command Prompt type
bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
  • After that type
shutdown /r

That’s all that how you can disable safe mode.

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