Avast Is Reportedly Selling Users Web Browsing Data To Outside Companies

Avast Is Reportedly Selling Users Web Browsing Data To Outside Companies

If we talk about the Avast antivirus then it is one of the most popular antiviruses that is used by millions of the user around the world. Avast free version is still freeware product, but according to the latest report this antivirus has been selling user sensitive data and there web browser activities via a subsidiary company which is known as Jumpshot to giant companies like Microsoft, Pepsi, and many other companies. Vice and PCMag managed to found there tracking activities.

This software track use clicks and other suffering activities it also collects the data that what you search on Google and other Google application, also check your LinkedIn page activities, YouTube activities, and adult websites. The collection of that data then stored and sold by Jumpshot. It is the process that shares the data of user activities with others.

Avast had previously told the other users that the data they collected that can not be tracked by other users, but now that’s not true. They track the user activities and their detailed information share with others.

One product that we know in the market is an “All Clicks Feeds” which tracks the user clicks across the websites with its complete details. It checks the user every search, every click and every buy, with its complete investigation, it sold the tracking activities al least one client last year, which is a New-York based marketing company which is known as Omnicom Media Groups. Omnicom paid that Jumpshot $2 million to access that data In 2019.

Avast now caught their wrong sides, of their data protection stories.

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