10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Students

You might be looking for something that can help you concentrate better if you are a student. The most common distractions come from electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. The majority of students today rely on information available online to complete their assignments and projects. You can use Chrome extensions to help with research and schoolwork if you are using the Chrome browser by Google

There are specific Chrome extensions that can make your study life easier if you’re a Chrome user. In the Chrome web store, you can find a number of extensions that can help students study. Using Chrome extensions to automate your schoolwork can help you study even more. There are endless possibilities: you can create automatic citations, use a proofreader to check your essays, save relevant infographics and memes for future use, and more!


List of 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Students

So here I sort out the list of best chrome extensions for students. You can even improve your skills with some of these extensions. Students will greatly benefit from these extensions Now time to explore the list of chrome extensions. Let’s check out.


1. Grammarly

Best Grammarly Extension for Student
Best Grammarly Extension for Student

Writing an essay or a topic about which you are passionate can sometimes be difficult, especially when you are full of ideas. Grammarly helps you make your essays and assignments more understandable. Grammarly is a Chrome extension that works just like a personal proofreader. You can use this tool to detect mistakes in your writing and then correct them.  It can find both typographical and grammatical errors. 

You can even correct spelling and grammar mistakes, and the best part is that it works in real-time and shows you all the errors you make as you write. By using Grammarly, you can check your essays for spelling, grammar, clarity, style, variety, and tone. Even better, it explains how you can improve your writing by following its suggestions! It also gives you a very nice rating so that you can see how well your writing is doing so you will know if you are sending your best work.

2. Memorize!

Best Memorize Extension For Students
Best Memorize Extension For Students

Give Memorize a shot if you are looking for a chrome extension to remember tons of boring information.  You can use this free Chrome extension to memorize valuable information you find online.

 This extension aids you in learning/memorizing given answers to given questions. You can even set the interval between each question with the extension. In general, Memorize is an excellent extension for students.

To memorize a statement, simply highlight it, right-click, and then select the extension.

When you open a new tab, the tool will display the statement. Furthermore, you can view all the information you’ve memorized on the ‘Options’ page.

In a way, you can study and procrastinate at the same time. While browsing non-academic content, random study questions appear.


3. Google Dictionary

Best Google Dictionary Extension For Student
Best Google Dictionary Extension For Student

Well, it’s one of the must-have and useful Google Chrome extensions for the students. Your vocabulary will grow if you use Google Dictionary.

As you would expect, its primary purpose is to explain the meaning behind the words. It’s a lightweight extension that lets students see the meaning of any selected words. It’s one of the most useful and must-have Chrome extensions. It does this in real-time on the web page you’re browsing. Just double-click the word to see it.

The extension has the advantage of being backed by Google itself. A definition for every word is provided. To get the meaning of a word, all one needs to do is type it into Google’s search bar. It can also be used to expand your mother tongue vocabulary by hovering over the foreign word.


4. Lightshot

Best Lightshot Extension For Student
Best Lightshot Extension For Student

Occasionally, we want to take a screenshot of an important document or image. The Print Screen button is our only option. A screenshot can be taken with Lightshot – you simply choose the area you wish to capture and save it as an image.

Using the Lightshot tool, you can take a screenshot of any content in any dimension. A screenshot can be taken and copied to the clipboard, which is useful for students. After capturing the image you can also edit it or add some marking on it. This is the best extension that helps you to capture the screenshot in no time.


5. StayFocusd

Best StayFocusd Extension For Student
Best StayFocusd Extension For Student

StayFocusd maximizes your productivity by limiting the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites.

Users are allowed a certain amount of time to spend on websites each day with this extension. After a certain amount of time has passed, websites are blocked.

While you should be studying, do you find yourself scrolling through social media or watching cat videos? Not anymore. StayFocusd temporarily blocks websites on your Chrome browser so that you can stay focused.


6. Mercury Reader

Best Mercury Reader For Student
Best Mercury Reader For Student

Mercury Reader is intended to enhance reading experiences. The chrome extension benefits students by removing all intrusive ads and providing a smooth reading experience. As well as being able to change the overall theme of the said page, you will also be able to change the size and typeface of the text you’re reading. Tap on the Rocket icon in the upper-right corner of your screen once you have downloaded the extension. This command instructs the software to clear any site you will visit.

Additionally, the extension lets users adjust the typeface and text size. You can use this extension right now as another best Google Chrome extension.


7. Kami Extension

Best Kami Extension For Student
Best Kami Extension For Student

Making notes inside your page margins or doodling on handouts is your favorite activity? The Kami extension makes it even better.

A complete assignment workflow is available for the first time in a digital classroom. You can use it to annotate and edit PDF files on your browser for free. This will enable you to absorb all your reading material seamlessly.

Additionally, you can add both drawings and texts to your saved documents. Another great feature is the ability to use it offline.

As a result, you can read uninterrupted even if your internet connection is bad.


8. Noisli

Best Noisli Extension For Student
Best Noisli Extension For Student

Some of my students enjoy listening to music when they are working, but for others it can be a distraction. Noisli is an excellent solution for those students. Listen to ambient sounds, such as rain or a forest setting, or take a walk in a café to find out what helps them feel productive.

 It allows students to add multiple sounds to the same track, and they can set up different combinations for different independent activities, such as the Writer’s Workshop or taking an assessment.


9. Diigo

Best Diigo Extension For Student
Best Diigo Extension For Student

Diigo is one of the most popular digital sticky notes and highlighting tools among my students. Students have to create an account in order to save their work.

When students select a section of a text, they can highlight it, add notes, and search the internet for more information. The comments and highlights a student makes are saved within their Diigo account, and if the student returns to an annotated page, the highlights and comments remain. Students can share their comments and highlights with their classmates when they are working on group projects, and it is a good way to collect information.

10. Session Buddy

Best StayFocused Extension For Student
Best StayFocused Extension For Student

A Chrome extension called Session Buddy makes it easy to bookmark and access tabs when you need them. In this way, you will no longer have 40 tabs open for different projects. If you want to work on a specific project, you can open the tabs you have marked.

You can boost your productivity while studying by using a tool to manage your tabs. Your time will no longer be wasted searching through all your open tabs to find what you need information you need. Additionally, all these tabs will not take up precious system resources, slowing down your computer.

Enjoy The Best Google Chrome Extension For Students

The above are some of the best Chrome extensions for students. Hope you found this article helpful! Please share with your friends as well. Please let us know if you know of any other such extensions in the comment section below.

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