How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most commonly and widely used operating systems. Due to its easy user interface and its feature. Windows 10 OS is Microsoft’s best built because that OS give both securities which we required like there are built-in Windows Defender which keep the threat away from your computer.

They keep launching the update of windows 10, every update provides the tons of new features. Because after Windows 10 there will be now new windows that come like windows 11 or windows 12 etc. That why that keeps updating Windows 10. It focusses to improve the windows 10 quality of performance.

They provide all the feature we want except one, windows don’t offer a built-in feature that we can stay a window on top. But that not over. There are much third-party software available for that feature.

There are a lot of tools that allow you to keep your windows on top, some of the software are available a long time ago. Some of the tools work good and some of them might be corrupt and perform malfunctioning. So, we tested the different best software which keeps the windows always on top.

When you working on limited screen space but have multiplied windows tabs. At there you have to use this tool at that time. Which windows are mostly used during work you just pin it top. After that windows will always stay on top. There are many tools that work pretty well at any version of windows.

It beneficial for monitoring a particular application or like watching a movie or playing player which stays on top. It doesn’t disturb the other function of windows.


Method 1 Keyboard Shortcut by AutoHotkey

An Autohotkey is a freeware program. That software allows you to create a script and perform the action of that script by using keyboard shortcuts that you assign. What you have to do, you just add a one-line script that script allows you set currently active windows always on top when you press a unique keyboard shortcut. That script is lightweight that doesn’t require large processing. It runs on the background and shows in the system tray. Just follow these steps which are given below.

Step 1 First thing first, you have to download AutoHotkey application and install it.

Step 2 After that right-click on a blank area of desktop choose “New” and select “AutoHotkey Script”.

How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10
How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

Step 3 Type the name of that script whatever you want. and press Enter.

Step 4 Right-click on that script and choose “Edit Script”. There will open a Notepad editor.

How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10
How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

Step 5 Now in this Notepad you just have to add the following lines at the bottom of the code. After that Save it and close it.

^SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

Now double click on that script to Run. You will see a little “H” with a green border appear at the bottom of the screen. which tells you that the script is running.

How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10
How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

On an active window, you just have to press Ctrl + Space to set that current active always on top. Press again to disable always on top.

Consult the Hotkeys documentation on AutoHotkey’s website for more help.

If you want to set that script to an auto startup that past that file in the following path.

  • %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)

Method 2 By Using DeskPins

If you don’t want to use keyboard shortcuts then you use Deskpins application. That application is pretty simple and easy to use. You just have to pin that windows in which you want to always stay at the top. Just follow these step which is given below to use that

Step 1 First, you’ll need to DeskPins and install it.

Step 2 After that launch application. You’ll see a little pin screen icon in the system tray.

Step 3 Now when you have to pin the windows always on top click on the deskpins icons on the system tray. When you click on that icons your pointer will convert into a pin. Now click on that windows which you want to set always on top. When you click on that window it will show the red pin on the title bar.

How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10
How To Keep a Window Always On Top in Windows 10

To remove a pin from a window, you just have to click on the red pin it will remove the pin. And if you want to remove all pins from windows that you’ve just pinned at once, right-click on the system tray icon, and then choose the “Remove All Pins” option.

That’s all these are the method that you can set you windows always on top.

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