5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android In 2020

5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android In 2020

Now we use the smartphone more than a computer. Your smartphone required software to stop drain your battery and make your battery life longer. We use a smartphone for games, surfing on the internet, taking photos, and other purposes. Because if we pick a smartphone is consists of lots of things like RAM, Process, and storage. These things are controlling a lot of tasks. The main reason which shorter your battery life is Unnecessary apps that are running on the background without notice and that application required some other software processing which makes the battery consumption faster.  There are other several reasons why your android battery consumes very fast. So that why the user recommended the power saving apps to make your life last longer.

There are many other benefits of battery save. That it will free up you ram optimize your system performance. Give your lost lasting battery timing, you can monitor your batter performance, you can check your battery health and much more. There are many battery saver apps are available on apps store. But we recommended the best battery saver apps for android.

So here I sort out the list of best battery saver apps for android.

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

So here you can the list of best battery saver apps for android. These lists are made based upon the number of downloads, user’s review, and their rates. These apps terminate all unnecessary app which is running on the background.

1. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky battery life is one of the best battery saver apps for android. This one tool helps you to increase the battery life of your android phones and tablets. This tool also provides you accurate information on your battery level. It will tell you how much battery you left and how much you can use this battery like different timing for idle system and usage condition. By conducting an automatic scan, the app which is running at background detect it and kill that task on the spot.

This app has a different type of alert system. It will inform you of how many apps are using in the background. It will notify you whenever it detects the too many applications are running on the background. You can set that you want to terminate all apps or selected only. You can keep your favorite apps will closing other apps that consume too much battery. It also supports a widget that gives you battery status on the home page. This application is free to download and available on google play store.

Download Kaspersky Battery Saver (Free, in-app purchases)


2. Dfndr Battery: Manager your battery life

Dfndr Battey is another best battery saver apps that helps you to save your battery life. It terminates all background apps and gives you long-lasting battery life. This tool makes your smartphone stable and gives you a smooth performance. Quick optimization free up your ram and kill unnecessary tasks. If quick optimization still leaves some application then you can use super optimization that will terminate the task forcefully.

You can also monitor the battery usage that helps you to keep on suspicious that consume more. Is has a different notification system like it will notify you when your mobile is fully charged which prevents you from overcharging. Battery controller setting helps you t give info about your battery temperature it will notify you when your battery temperature becomes too high. Dfndr battery also has customizable profile control where you can adjust the Emergency profile, location profile, Peak Time profiles Prolong Profile. You can also get a full battery report which includes the information of power remaining, temperature, and voltage. This app is freemium available on google play store.

Download Dfndr Battery (Free, in-app purchases)


3. Avast Battery Saver

Avast is the most popular antivirus company. Which provides the best antivirus product. Now it provides its battery saver app. Avast Battery saver is another best battery saver app for android which made his name in the top list. This app provides the single master switch to turn on/off the battery saving mode of this app. By single taping, the “Stop Apps” button will optimize your mobile performance and kill all unnecessary tasks. This app will give you accurately charging and Remain time.

You can choose 5 different profiles to choose from Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency.  And you can Schedules there profiles according to your environment. You will get alerts to switch your profile on different based upon your battery level. Also, you can customize your profiles further to better fit you need like brightness, Syncing, Screen Rotation, Bluetooth, and more. Also, they keep updating the app to provide the user best battery optimization functionality.

Avast Battery Saver is freemium and you can download it on the Play Store.

Download Avast Battery Saver (Free, in-app purchases)


4. Greenify

Greenify is another best battery saving apps for android and millions of users using this app. Greenify developed by Oasis Feng. It is the simple and lightweight battery optimization apps for android which use fewer resources of your RAM and CPU. It detects the apps which are running on background and creates the list of apps that perform unnecessary tasks.

This app works smoothly on both Android mobile and Tablets. You can use the automatic Hibernation which will dim the screen perform their functionality after that your screen will turn off.

This app has two types of working modes which are Rooted and Non-rooted. You can control the setting of the notification of your mobile. This means it will not remove your imperative notification of other apps like messenger, Gmail, or other apps. There are many other features are available in this that help to make your battery life long last.

This app is freemium and available on google play store. Because of lightweight and quick optimization setting to speed up junk of RAM it in our best battery saver app for android.

Download Greenify (Free, in-app purchases)


5. AccuBattery

AccuBatttery is the best battery management app for android. You know that battery has a limited lifespan. So, it is depending on battery usage. By this application, it will give info about the battery. You can measure your battery capacity, get detailed information about your battery and its battery usage. It can determine the actual usage of battery, like how much battery use by the app or consume by CPU. It will tell your battery remaining time and Idle stand by timing. You can also measure your battery charging speed. you can see your battery charging history this app.

The best feature of this app that you can set the battery charging alarm. You can unlock the pro feature, which will give you dark mode and Amoled black theme. You can access the history session mode one day and get detailed battery statistics.

This app is freemium and available on google play store.

Download AccuBattery (Free, in-app purchases)


Enjoy the best battery saver app for android

These are the best battery saver apps for android, tell use which battery saver you like the most and why to share your reviews. Also, share this article with your friends.

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