10 Best USB Bootable Software For Windows and Mac In 2020

10 Best USB Bootable Software For Windows and Mac In 2020

We use computers and laptops for different purposes like playing the game, office work, surfing on the internet, or any other purpose. And all of these tasks can be done on Windows Operating System. Windows is the most popular operating system that easy to use.

If you are an old Windows Operating system user. Then you might be known that windows OS corrupts a lot. Their corruption of windows OS is due to several reasons. You try to turn on your computer but it does nothing. The only solution you should at your mind is that you should have to install a new window.

If we go back in days, you will be known that at that time most of the users install the operating systems by CD or DVD. There is no alternative option are available. Installing a window from a CD or DVD is frustrating and timing-consuming.

Now in the present time, we have an option that we can install Windows from USB flash drive. USB Drive is easy to carry and use. You have to make a Bootable USB of windows to install on your laptop or desktop computer. To make USB you have to require a Bootable software that makes Bootable USB of Windows 10.  There are many bootable softwares available on the internet but we sort out the best bootable USB software for windows

So here I will show you the best bootable USB tools for windows. You can use any tool of it to make Bootable USB for windows.

10 Best Bootable USB Software For Windows and Mac in 2020

There are the list of best bootable USB tools for windows

1. Rufus (Windows)


If we talk about one of the best bootable USB software for windows then most of the users recommend Rufus tools. Rufus is undoubtedly is one of the best USB bootloader tools. Rufus if an open-source software, easy to use and faster as well. Rufus tool has a very convenient setting that helps us to do our job faster. This software is used by many tech specialists. Rufus can create Bootable USB for Different operating systems, but also you can create, firmware, fire BIOS and run low-level utilities. Rufus software is so much faster than other bootable software.

This tool has advanced partition settings, you will notice that this provide you different partition scheme and their cluster size. Rufus also allows you to check your USB drive for any bad blocks. You can use both partition scheme like MBR and GPT scheme. It supports multiple file formats that include FAT, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, and ExFAT.

If you looking for the tools which make you bootable USB faster. Then you should have to try Rufus software.

Download: Rufus


2. UNetBootin (Windows/Mac)


UNetBootin is another special best bootable USB software. That has different bootable utility tools. UNetBootin is available for Windows Mac OS, and Linux. The best thing about that UNetbootin is that you can also create a Linux bootable USB as well. This tool doesn’t use the distribution-specific rules when you making Live USB drive, it will help for Linux ISO files that should load correctly by the use of these features.

This tool has a very simple interface and easy to use. This tool is specially designed to create a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions. You can allow creating bootable USB by directly download Linux distribution. UNetbootin software is best for those users who don’t want the advanced settings of bootable USB with easy interface of USB Bootable software.

Download: UNetBootin


3. Windows USB/DVD Tool (Windows)

Windows USB/DVD Tool
Windows USB/DVD Tool

If you are a windows user and required a bootable software for windows. Then you should have to use a Windows official tool for bootable USB of windows. Windows USB/DVD tool can be used to create a bootable USB or DVD. This tool is made for Windows users only. IT is very simple and easy to use to make Bootable USB of Windows all you have to do is insert USB or DVD, after that select the ISO image of windows and then click on next option That’s it. It will format your USB and then ISO will be start coping to the USB drive within a couple of minutes your Bootable USB drive will be ready for use.

Everything of this tool is fine except the lack of advanced tools to personalize the bootable. Like in Rufus software you can change the partition scheme, change file system type and much more, but in the Windows USB/ DVD tool you cannot do any of things like Rufus tool.

This tool is popular due to its simplicity to make a bootable USB of windows. by this tool, you can make bootable USB or DVD of windows 7,8,8.1,10. This bootable software for those users who don’t need advanced configuration for Bootable USB.

Download: Windows USB/DVD tool


4. YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator (Windows)

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator
YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

Yumi Multiboot USB creator is another best bootable USB software that is developed by the same developers who developed USB installer software. By Yumi software, you can install multiple OS in your USB. YUMI tool has a clean and user-friendly interface other users can easily use.

It supports both NTFS and FAT32 file systems. By this, you can install the firmware, antivirus, and other bootable software. Simply you need to insert USB and then select the ISO image after that click on the next procedure the make Bootable USB drive. The best about that tool is that if you don’t have the Linux ISO.

Download: YUMI

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5. Universal USB Installer (Windows)

Universal USB Installer
Universal USB Installer

I ready mention about the Universal USB Installer. YUMI and Universal USB installer are developed by the same developer. This tool gives you easy functionality to create a bootable USB drive. It has some same functionality like YUMI software. If you don’t have an ISO file it will give you the list of download links that will access the download page. By this tool, you can create any types of bootable USB like for windows, Linux, antivirus, rescue drives, and many other bootable drives that you can make by it. Another best feature of that tool is you set persistence store storage when you creating bootable USB. This option is only available in Linux distribution.

This software is popular due to its simplicity, user-friendly and easy to understand. This is also the best software for those users who don’t require a complex configuration for bootable USB.

Download: Universal USB Installer


6. RMPrepUSB (Windows)


If you want a bootable software with highly customizable settings. Then you have to use RMPrepUSB. And also, I have said that if you don’t much know about the computer then you should not use this tool. By this tool, you can create almost any type of bootable USB media. RMPrepUSB has the ability to Create multi-boot drives, customizable bootloader options, test speed, quick format, partition, support for multiple image formats and QEMU Emulator.

By using the RMPrepUSB tool you can quickly boot into a bootable USB by using QEMU Emulator on your Windows Operating and you don’t need to reboot your system. This is basically used to verify that bootable USB which you create is working properly. It supports multiple file system formats like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT

RMPrepUsb tool has different bootloaders like grub4dos, syslinux, bootmbe, WEE, and others. The interface of this is slightly complex than other bootable software. This tool is basically for the advanced user, if you want to create simple bootable use then I will not recommend that software. IF you want to learn all about its feature then they have detail and guide to use that software for your assistance.

Download: RMPrepUSB


7. EaseUS (Windows/Mac/Linux)

EaseUS Partition Manager
EaseUS Partition Manager

You might know the name of the most popular comp may which provides the partition manager, data recovery software and others. Now eases provide the bootable USB software that will help you create bootable USB media. By this software, you can create a bootable USB of Windows 7/8/10. This tool has simple and easy steps. Open the software connect the USB to the computer, select the image of Windows OS and at the end click on proceed button that it.

Download: EaseUS


8. Etcher (Windows/Mac)

Balena Etcher
Balena Etcher

Ether is the newly bootable USB software and it is safer and easy to use. The main focus of that software is to reduce the complex functionality to make bootable USB. It is an open-source tool made with JS, HTML, node.js, and electron. This tool is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Within a few steps, we will create a bootable USB drive that you have to do select ISO image of the Operating system after that select the drive our USB drive to make bootable USB. And at the end click on the Flash button to proceed.

It also validates your flash Drive that if your SD card or USB is corrupted it will not make that Bootable drive. The interface of that application is simple and beautiful.

Etcher software is also available in Pro version that has some extended features like it has able to Multi-Write, Modular Expansion can able to flashed simultaneously 160 port as at the same time, Its transferring speed is 60MB/s per port.

Download: Etcher


9. WinSetUpFromUSB (Windows)


WinSetUpFromUSB is another popular bootable USB maker software for windows with rich bootable media features. This is another best multi-bootable USB tool. This tool is first made to make windows bootable USB, but now by this tool, you can also create bootable Linux distributions using sysLinux or IsoLinux.  You can also create bootable media for WinBuilder, WinPE, UBCD4Win, BartPE and etc. This tool has all the features of, FBinst tools. Bootice and RMPrepUSB which is the most advanced bootable tools for expert users.

This user interface of this application is also user-friendly. If you want to access the advance feature then check the “advanced option”. This tool has also option like in RMPrepUSB which is known as QEMU emulator. Which is used for quick boo into Bootable USB media without pc reboot.

Download: WinSetUpFromUSB


10. WinToBootic (Windows)


Xboot is another best and easy tool for windows that allows the user to create a multiboot USB flash drive. The interface of this application is very simple and easy to use to reduce the complex configuration. you simply have to select the drive USB drive and select Windows OS ISO file. You can use this too for a simple bootable USB.

Download: WinToBootic

These are the best USB bootable software for Windows and Mac OS. Tell us which application you like most and what also if you like that article share it with your friends.


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