5 Best Free Defrag Software In 2020

5 Best Free Defrag Software In 2020

Some of the users don’t know what is defragmentation? Defragmentation is the process that finds the noncontiguous fragments of data in your hard disk or SSD and reallocated them. When you save or delete or copy different files or install different kinds of software that data will be saved in the hard disk in a noncontagious manner which creates fragments of data. After Defragmentation, it will reduce the data access time and free up some storage.  The defragmentation process will be optimized your hard disk speed.

Defrag becomes important when you deal with a lot of files. It will also optimization boot performance So, to maintain and optimize the computer process you should have to defrag your hard disk once in a week. There are many defragmentation tools are available on the internet but I will recommend you best defrag tools.

So here in this article, I am sorting out some best free defrag software tools.


Best Free Defrag Software Tools


1. Defraggler


If we talk about the best defrag tool the most of the users give you first choice of Defraggler tools. Defraggler comes with unique defrag software for windows. That software is developed by Piriform which create other product which are Recuva, Speccy, CCleaner, and CCleaner browser.

By the Defraggler tool, you can defrag your entire hard disk or folder which you want. In this tool, there are tool types of defrag option one is simple “defrag” which will defrag your entire harddisk include all small and large files and optimized it. you also have full customization control. The second option is “Quick defrag” which will speed up the defrag process not allocate the whole drive, but allocated that fragment only required to increase hard disk performance.

It uses safe and secure techniques that are used in Windows to read and write files, so there is no chance that the file becomes damaged during the defragmentation process. If you so much busy and having not enough time to click on the defrag button, so you can set a Scheduled defragmentation option which will start automatically defragmentation process on a specific day and time.

It supports both FAT32 and NTFS file system. And Defraggler tool not having the compatibility issue you can install it on windows server 2003 and 2008, windows vista, 7, 8, 10. And you can download it free you can also use there Defraggler professional package which includes premium support.

Download: Defraggler Official Website


2. Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag
Smart Defrag

If you required and the accurate defragmenting tool, then you should have to use Smart Defrag tool. IObit developed the Smart Defrag Tools. It is an advanced intelligent defrag software it quickly determines the defrag file from your hard disk. This app also supports boot-time defragmentation.  Some of the file which cannot be defragged during run time that file can defrag only on boot time defragment.

The user-interface of this app is has a quite impressive design which is user-friendly and easy to use. It supports both HHD and SSD. By its fast defragmentation option, it will optimize your hard disk, free up data, and improve its performance. This tool has different types of defragmentation which are, Smart defrag, Fast Defrag, Defrag & optimize, Large File Defrag, free space defrag, Defrag & priorities files.

This tool also has a schedule defrag setting which will automatically defrag your system in background on the scheduled date. Smart Defrag provides a gaming optimization setting for gamer which optimized game functionality dramatically boost up the speed of game performance.

Download: Smart Defrag from Official Website


3. Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag
Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag tools is another best defragmentation tool. Its first aim is detecting the fragmented part and reallocate them in the hard disk. It an Ultra-fast engine tools they claim that it will defrag your hard disk less than a minute. You can also check a drive for error with their chkdsk which starting the defragmentation process.

There interface of the tools is user friendly that any user can easily handle. This tool will show you the detailed process of defragmentation with the cluster of blocks and nicely colored with detailed info when you put the mouse on that block it will show how many files contain in that block.

You can also select for defragmentation for a single file and folder. You can also set that program to the start defragmentation process when your computer is idle.

Auslogics Disk Defrag compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Download: Auslogics Disk Defrag Official Website


4. Disk SpeedUp

Disk Speedup
Disk Speedup

Disk SpeedUp is another best disk defragmenter tool for windows 10 Disk SpeedUp that required minimum space on your disk.  We Installing or uninstalling different software and saved different kinds of files in hard disk It creates several chunks on your hard drive.  This software becomes helpful to maintain these processes. Disk Speedup is the best software due to the advanced defrag setting and quick defragmentation process.

The interface of these tools looks fairly simple and easy to use. By Disk Speedup you can adjust the setting of defrag process like you can disable the defrags file which is smaller than 30 MB or larger than 500 MB or whatever you can want to set it to depend upon you. You can also create customer schedule

Disk Speedup safe and secure use the defrag process it checks every segment of data and confirms that it has been written correctly or not.

It has some additional drive analysis tools like you can check your hard disk, check where the fragment has occurred and where you need to optimize. You can also use their boot-time defragmenter option which will be optimized your hard disk performance at computer boot-up.

Download: Disk Speedup Official Website


5. O&O Defrag Free Edition

O&O Defrag
O&O Defrag

O&O Defrag Free Edition has an organized, composed, and simply utilize User-friendly interface. It supports all features which found commonly in defrag software. O&O Defrag will be optimized your hard disk and improve your hard disk performance. It supports both NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

You can also set schedules defrags on weekly basics. This tool also has some additional tools like it has built-in O&O Disk Cleaner, You can also check your drive by chkdsk which will find the error in hard disk and try to fix it.

This tool has some pro features to use you should have to buy that product.

O&O Defrag Free Edition is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Download: O&O Defrag tool Official Website


Enjoy The Best Free Defrag Software

These are the best free defrag software for windows 10, Tell us which defrag tool you like most and why, If you like that article share it with you friends

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