12 Best Android Launchers In 2021

It’s no doubt that android is one of the most popular due to its enhanced feature of an operating system that provides you limitless customization options. Means to say we can change the arrangement and interface of our android by launcher.

There are many android launchers are available for android and iOS devices. That launcher enhanced their feature of your smartphone and provide endless customization opportunities like we can add new widgets of launcher and app shortcuts. Every phone comes with a default launcher, but the android phone allows you to add the other launcher.

A launcher changes the look provides the new icon skins, many other themes, and a smart folder interface. Some people claim which launcher is best if we search the android launcher there are a bunch of lists on the google play store.

So, in this article, we sort the list of the best android launcher and which is used by most of the users.

Why use third party launchers?

A third-party launcher replaces your complete home screen with new features and gives you endless customization settings for the user which can easily set it according to their choice. For examples, it includes different theme and its effect, different eye-catchy bundles of icons, change the organization of apps, also some of the launcher offering categories and different types of sorting methods which you installed.

Best Android Launchers For 2021 

these are the most popular android launcher which most of the user and recommended other users. let’s explore the list and see which suits you best.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher best launcher for android
Nova Launcher best launcher for android

Nova launcher is one of the best android launchers which is top related and recommended by most of the users. It was launched 3 years ago, now this app still at the top android list. Why this launcher is so popular because it is a buttery smooth, quick response interface.

It is a very powerful and easily customizable setting. It is a very fast and lightweight launcher. Nova launcher allows customizing the icons form bundled of different icon skin list. They used basic UI elements like home screen grid size setting and folder settings.

Nova launcher also allows you other customize features like grid size, opening gestures, hidden apps, tweak the orientation, transparency, and page behavior settings. The best thing about that launcher it supports built-in night mode. It also supports backup and restores features that create a backup for your home screen.

Download Nova Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


2. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is one of the amazing launchers by a ton of customization settings. APUS Launcher has a bundle of a beautiful theme and 50,000+ wallpaper which they keep launching every week, which gives you a new personalized interface. It also provides the other feature like you can hide the app by swiping up with two fingers at your home screen, it also allows you to set the password on the app which you are hiding.

This launcher provides a build-in app locker that protects the privacy of your app. In this launcher, news settings tell you what is happing around the world like, top like stories, sports, entertainment, business, and show buzz. Moreover, it can optimize your phone, view weather, calendar, notes smart folder settings, organize your app according to categories, junk clear. A quick search bar feature allows finding your app quickly.

Notification tools bar allow you to turn on or off Wi-Fi, boost your system, and turn on your flashlight. The good news is Apus launcher support up to 19 languages. That’s why the user preferred to use that launcher.

Download Apus Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


3. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher best launcher for android
Apex Launcher best launcher for android

Apex launcher app optimizes your phone functionality due to its customizable features, still on top app list a very long time ago and available free download from play store. It is a lightweight launcher for android. Apes launcher has thousands of themes and bulges of icon skins. It allows you to add up to 9 customizable home screens. you can also hide the app in it and set the password to protect your privacy. This launcher sorts the app according to categories

This launcher has many other functionalities like transition, animation, scrolling effects different icons, and scrolling dock. You can also set the customizable gesture settings. The best feature of that launcher that it live previews the changes. Download today check out its amazing features.

Download Apex launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


4. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher best launcher for android
Evie Launcher best launcher for android

Evie launcher is one of the most popular launchers now this app is counted in the best android app of 2019. Evie launcher will optimize and boost up your phone performance that why this launcher is also known as a fast android launcher. Many users convince the other user that you should have to try this launcher. This launcher provides you smooth and customizable interface which beautify your home screen. It’s Universal Search feature allows you to search for apps within one place.

You can also add home screen shortcuts and customer it. You can also adjust the sort setting of your apps. Evie launcher dock settings are a little bit more customizable than the other launcher. Moreover, you can adjust the icon size. Which feature makes it different from other launchers? It’s customizable search engine settings you can search for something by which search engine you want, like DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, and others.

You can add your own gestures to navigate your phone it is a lightweight launcher app user like it most due to its guarantees speed and simplicity.

Download Evie Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


5. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is another best lightweight and fast optimized Android launcher app for 2019. Smart launcher 5 has some functionality different from smart launcher 3. It has an advance and modern UI interface, which automatically sorts up your apps into categories. The ambient theme automatically changes the color of the theme to match your wallpaper.

Adaptive icons allow you to change the color of icons to make them beautiful also you can change shape and icon size which is introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo. This launcher allows you to hide the navigation bar to maximize the screen space.

Ultra smart search system allows you to quickly find contacts, apps, and also other activities like web searching. Smart gestures and hotkey feature which can be easily customizable like double-tap to show screen. There are hundreds of theme and icon packs that you can free to download.

App protecting system allows you to set passwords also you can hide apps. There is a collection of wallpaper in smart launcher 5. Pro version adds other functionality and increases security. Download today and make your mobile smart.

Download Smart Launcher 5 (Free, in-app purchases)

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6. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher is also lightweight and easy to use. This launcher is officially made by the Microsoft company which fast and more customizable. This launcher has the same layout which android has. At your home screen, Microsoft personalizes feed and try to improve your smartphone functionality with other Microsoft apps.  In the news feed, it will show events, docs, contact, calendar, to-do items, and news. You can choose a dark theme, light theme, and transparent select any of them which you want.

It can automatically change your wallpaper which is used in the bing wallpaper also you can choose your own wallpaper. Adaptive icons feature allows you to make cool icons or you can select icons pack in a bundle of the list.

The dock can be swiped up to present the second row of the dock which allows more space for more apps. The quick toggles have Flashlight, Bluetooth, Brightness slide, and other apps. Easily customizable gestures like double-tap to unlock your phone. By adding a Microsoft account you can easily access your pc with your phone. The universal search of Microsoft launcher helps you find your file apps quickly it can search even message. Download today to get the great experience of Microsoft launcher.

Download Microsoft Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


7. Action launcher

Action launcher is the most popular android launcher which gives you more customizable features and favorites of our reader. This launcher is the best android launcher of 2015. It has some baseline of pixel launcher but it adds more functionality.

By swiping up your dock will give a new full screen to display all apps, different folder styles, and much more. You can change the color of the icons and search box which you like. you can add widgets to view the weather, appointment time, and date. Adaptive icons feature makes icons more attractive and changes the size of the icons. Quick theme customizes the color and Universal interface according to your select wallpaper.

Shutter feature quickly check out app widget which is by default set at your home screen. There are many theme and customizable elements which give like the functionality of android Oreo.

Download Action Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


8. AIO Launcher

AIO launcher is also the best android launcher because it is unique and different from another android launcher. This launcher turns your android interface into vertical features at your home screen. Which allows you to get instant to communicate to your apps and other function of mobile at one place.

This launcher gives you a list of stuff like last call logs, speed dialer, system info monitor (Battery in percentage, Total Storage, Traffic usage and RAM), Media player, and 10 days weather forecast. Moreover, it provides the other stuff like live Bitcoin price, system setting button, frequently used apps, contacts, phone dialer, mail, calendar. The paid feature gives you more stuff like Telegram and more others. This one of the best customizable android launcher.

This launcher is lightweight and faster than another android launcher. The universal search button provides the quick apps feature and if you hold on to that button it will give you other options to open AIO settings and system settings. The full price is very reasonable $1.99 only.

Download AIO Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


9. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair launcher provides a powerful interactive feature like Evie launcher and Pixel launcher. This launcher has a similar feature that is used in pixel and Evie launcher have. Adaptive icons allow you to customize your app icons. Lawnchair launcher has a feature like different icons pack skins, adjust your apps according to categories.

Flexible dock and drawer, date display and weather, dark and light theme, Google search bar for quick interaction with a google search engine. This launcher is new and in beta version but it works great. This app is totally free with no ads.

Download Lawnchair Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)

10.Poco Launcher

Poco launcher is another lightweight and fast launcher which optimizes your phone functionality. This launcher is made after impress from the most popular pocophone smartphone. This launcher is now available for almost all android devices. There are many customized features.

This launcher design puts all your apps in the apps which makes your home screen neat and clean. Personalization setting allows you to change your customizable wallpaper, theme, and animations. It newly launches dark which makes your app draw in dark mode. This launcher has a built-in gesture like a double tap to lock your device.

There are many customizable icon packs that give a new look to your app’s icons. A convenient search system helps to find your app quickly and other things. Poco launcher helps you adjust your app according to categories. You can also hide your apps to keep your privacy private.

Download Poco Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)

11. Niagara Launcher

Niagara is another best android launcher which is developed by Peter Huber. This launcher is lightweight and fast. This launcher for those users who want a look of minimalist structure with a sleek look. This launcher has only one layout. They remove all unneeded options. All notifications will be displayed at home screen spam and other notification will be filtered out.  You can instantly access the app draw by swiping down vertically on the alphabets which will give all your installed apps.

Niagara launcher provides you limited customization option. You can select the icons pack, switch between light and dark themes. You can also adjust the data or timing. Also, you can hide your app which you want. This launcher is new in the top list and freemium available on the google play store.

Download Niagara Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


12. Lightning Launcher

Lightning launcher fairly for those you who want the minimum option in their android launcher. IT is lightweight and consumes less processor. But if we talk about its customizable feature. That launcher provides a different extremely customizable feature. You can change anything from your home screen. it does matter that your icons are nicely aligned, grid, or pixel with nicely adjusted.

You can also Rotate/Scaled/Skewed the widgets in all directions. You can also change font size, color, wallpaper, grid lines, folder options, navigation bar color, zooming option, gesture, and much more. You can use JavaScript to make other different stuff. There are other additional plugins language packs and many more things are available. All of these things are available in one place but this application is not free you have to Buy it.

Download Lightning Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)


Tell Us Which Android Launcher Do You Prefer?

Tell us which android app launchers you preferred to comment us below and share your reviews. If you like an alternative launcher from that list then also comment with us below. and also share that article with your friends to know about these amazing android launcher

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