11 Best Video Editor Apps For Android In 2021

Our mobile can Record 1080P or 4K Videos. If we want to Edit that video, we required software that can edit that video. If we talk about the past video edition can only be possible in computers and required professional skills. Now our smartphone camera with new features and many other smartphone applications. Now smartphones can edit video with a few clicks. Our mobile has become a full video production studio There are many video editing software for android and iPhone.

Here is this article I sort out the best video editor for android and iPhone list. Let’s get started

Best Video Editor Apps For Android

These are the most top-rated, most download, and best free video editor for android. we sort these apps according to their best feature and their performance. let explore the list.

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is one of the best video editing apps for android which developed by Wondershare company and user that app by most of the users. There is primary function are available that mostly required for editing a video like trimming, cutting, rendering, Duplicating, adding themes, music, and some other functions.

You can also make a square 1:1 ratio video which is mostly used for Instagram or Facebook and a 16:9 classic videos ratio for YouTube. Moreover, you can use some other functions like create reverse videos, slow or fast motion, add transitions, overlays, and filter text and elements of motion graphics or impressive still to beautify your video. While editing yourr vide you can see a real-time preview of your video

Download For Android FilmoraGo (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone FilmoraGo


2. Funimate

Funimate is another best video editing app for android and recommends by editor choice. This amazing app got its position in the top list of android apps.  This application is perfect for creating fun videos easily. It will instantly transform your video whatever you capture. There are more than 100 advanced video effects that are helpful for short clips videos. The best thing about that app you can create your own effect.

While editing a video you can add other video clips or add music to it. Moreover, you can also cut, merge, trim and crop your video. It also allows you to make a video loop. There a bundle of emoji, Stickers, and Text videos that help to make your video stylish. Automatically sharing option will share your video on different social media networks. This application is totally free and available of google play store download it to make videos with their amazing features.

Download For Android Funimate (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone Funimate 



This is the most popular application and recommended by editor choice. This application is developed by GoPro and is both available for android and iPhone. This is the new generation of video editor apps. Its design is very simple, decent, and eye-catchy. It speeds up your editing process so that you can edit your videos easily. It helps you to create an amazing video with few tabs. It creates the video just like magic. You can record, trim, rotate your photos add text in your video.

Moreover, you can also make a slow-motion video with this Quik. It has 26 different themes, effects, fonts, and filters. It has a lot of other features like adds beautiful transitions and effects and syncs everything’s beat of the music and easily share with your friends. You can also save your video on cloud storage like Google Photos, Dropbox, and GoPro Plus. Quik Video Editor is free to Download that’s why it is in the best Video editor app list for Android and iPhone. Grab this application from the play store and record the lovely movement.

Download For Android Quik (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone Quik

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe premium rush is one of the newer video editor app. This app has advanced features compared to other applications and Adobe Premiere. This app comes with extended tools like multi-track timelines, cloud syncing, great sound, customizable titles. You can capture video, edit from it, and social media platform. You can also add video effect there are many bundles of video effects are available, you can control video speed add a filter in it.

The built-in camera allows you to capture high-quality videos from that app. Easy editing tools feature like you can arrange your video or audio or adding photos by simply dragging and dropping. Also, you can crop video, adjust audio sounds, enhanced video color, transition, voiceover, video effect, and much more. Try this app today to create professional look videos.

Download For Android Adobe Premiere Rush (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone Adobe Premiere Rush


5. Magisto

Magisto is another great video editor app for android. Magento app has an (AI) feature that captures your video more clearly. The easy interface helps you to edit your video quickly. You can do a lot of other things like combines video clips, add photos, add music in video or photo slides, add cool text, add different video effects or video filters to help you make your video look professional and stylish, also you can create slow-motion animation or reverse your video. In this app, there are other video editing techniques. Like facial recognition, stabilization, and others.

Magisto can save you plenty of time and gives you a professional-looking video with a better result than before. This app is best for those people who do not want to spend too much their time on video editing but want amazing look video.

Download For Android Magisto (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone Magisto


6. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is also the most popular video app and recommended by most of the users. This app is only available for android. Powerdirector is the best video editor app for android with amazing features This app allows multiple track timeline video editing It has smooths interface control and easy to use. you can trim your video add effects with drag and drop features, add slow-motion video and more It allows you to create voiceover and action movie effect by using chroma key lets you create transparencies in video & layer effects.

PowerDirector is free to Download that’s why it is in the best Video editor app list for Android. Grab this application from the google play store and record the lovely movement.

Download For Android PowerDirector (Free, in-app purchases)


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VivaVideo is also one of the most popular video editors. VivaVideo helps to make an awesome video especially well for short clips for social media. It is a fast Video editing and photos movie-making app This application is like a Swiss Army knife features. It has almost all feature which video editor app required. You can trim and merge your video. You can add music to it. Moreover, you can make a slow-motion video up to 0.2s.

This app includes hundreds of special effects, filters, stickers, animated clips and subtitles, transformation, a library of background music, and a range of collage templates. VivaVideo is free to Download that’s why it is in the best Video editor app list of Android. Grab this application from google play store and record the lovely movement.

Download For Android VivaVideo (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone VivaVideo


KineMaster is also the best video editing app with full-feature for android. This app has easy interface control This is shown by frame-by-frame granular editing, pre-render instant previews, and support for up to four audio tracks and unlimited audio clips. It also allows enabling to add of two video layers. This app allows some wonderful features, which is including precision editing, instant preview, multiple layers, color adjustment, multi-track audio, speed control, pro audio features, chroma-key, voice recording, and many more. It also has video speed adjustment your can set speed up to 0.25x to 1.5x without any audio pitch distortion.

Download For Android KineMaster (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone Kinemaster


9. VideoShow

VideoShow is another best and most more popular video editing app for both iOS and Android users with a user-friendly interface. All basic stuff you can do in like trim a video, cutting, Duplicating organize your clips, adding a theme, cropping, and add music.

You can also add another thing to beautify your video like adding stylish text, reverse or speed up video, blur video, voice overlays, live dubbing, Fx effects, Filters, transitions, stickers, and sound effects. There are 50 different themes are available. Moreover, there is a built-in GIF make is available for gif videos. While exporting a video you can compress the size of your video without losing its quality. Easily share your video after exporting on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media networks. This app has 500+ million users. Try this app today to make your video for your vlogs or for other things in the best video quality without losing their quality

Download For Android VideoShow (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone VideoShow


10. Inshot

Inshot is also one of the best and most popular video editor apps for android. It has all the video editing tool which required. You can trim video, add photos, adjust your video, add music, add animated text and emoji. Inshot has some amazing and cool video effects and transitions to make your video beautiful Moreover you can compress your video without losing the quality you can also make slow-motion videos After completing your video chose your quality and resolution to export. Inshot is free to Download that’s why it is in the list of top video editor for android. Grab this application from the play store and record the lovely movement.

Download For Android Inshot (Free, in-app purchases)

Download for iPhone Inshot


11. Filmigo Video Maker

Filmigo is another best Video Maker app for android which provides you amazing stylish video maker and editor tools. This provides the all tools which are required to video editings like Adding song, Subtitles, Gif and effect and etc. With its professional editing tools, you can quickly edit it like reverse, rotate trim, split, duplicate, or cut the video. There are lists of fully licensed music and SFX in it that you can use for your video.

You can use various free themes and unique transitions when you finish up your video editing tap on export. You can export the video in 720p and 1080p with on quality loss and no duration limit. You can save your video in the draft and export it from there.

These all there features available in one place. This app working well on Android devices but some of the users face the technical issue of app freezing. this one of the amazing video maker android. This applies freely available on the google play store.

Download For Android Video Maker (Free, in-app purchases)


Enjoy Best video editor for android

That’s all. There the best video editing app for android and iPhone grab the application according to your taste and tell us which is the best application for video editing.

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