League of Legends is Now coming to mobile (and it’s not Arena of Valor)

League of Legends is Now coming to mobile (and it’s not Arena of Valor)

League of Legends is the world’s best and most popular game of every user. It was release 10 year before now. According to latest news, the Official Mobile version will be launched it is Working on it more than a year. Leagues of the legends developers Roit Games and Tencent working to it.

Why Now They Think to Develop for Smartphone?

Tencent was inverted in Roit Games and Distributor of League of Legends Tencent Asked Roid to That WE should develop a mobile version of League of Legends several year ago, But Roit Developers rejected That Offer. After That Tencent developed Game Honor of King which is known as Arena of Valor a Mobile Version was 1st released in Tencent’s home country of China in 2016. It’s still vastly common there, and in March the game had one hundred forty million active monthly users.

There are many clone version of MOBA game Including Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, The titles are so similar that in 2018 Mobile Legends’ developer Moonton was forced to pay $2.9 million in damages to Tencent. Arena of valor is free from legal worry thanks to being owned by the same company as League of Legends.


League of Legends Mobile

This mobile version of League of Legends is not sure to be released, and it isn’t clear how much time it takes the game is in terms of development. A mobile version of League will draw in interest-based mostly simply on the huge popularity of the original game, however, it’s a special beast to tame. switch to a mobile format, the League of Legends formula would have to be fine-tuned for shorter play sessions. it will also take some new and engaging options to drag players away from Arena of valor (Honor of King) and other popular mobile MOBA titles in order to make the investment worthwhile.

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