How To Enable Dark Mode Of Google Play Store

How To Enable Dark Mode Of Google Play Store

If we talk about other apps many apps keep launching their dark mode feature. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Google launched the dark mode theme of Google Play Store. The dark mode of the Google Play Store was only available for Android versions 9 and 10. It is because these android versions have a native dark mode which forces the app to display mode according to the display theme which we set. Now Google Play Store dark mode theme is available for any other Android versions

So here you can see how you can enable dark mode in Google Play Store

How To Enable the New Dark Mode Of Google Play Store

If you want to enable dark mode in the Google Play Store just follow the steps which are given below.

Step 1.  Open your Google Play Store Android App.

Step 2. Now tap on Three doted icon (Menu) and select Settings.

Step 4. In Google Play Store settings, you will see option ‘Theme’ tap on it.

Step 5. In the Theme option, by default, there is ‘Light’ mode is active if you want to enable Dark mode that tap on ‘Dark’ mode.

That’s all that’s you can enable dark mode in Google Play Store. It will look like this.

I hope that you understand well share this method with friends and if you facing any issue comment us below.

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