How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

It is no doubt that windows is one of the most popular operating system in the whole world. It is because Windows OS provides the most customizable option and They keep update it to give the user comfort. The computer mouse is one of the essential tools of the computer. It uses the different computer activities purpose like you can use it for Adobe Photoshop, Wed page surfing, scrolling, and designing. In different activities, you use it entirely differently.

But when you playing games your aim and scrolling speed matter. You want to move your course according to desire whenever you use it for the aim of a specific pointing purpose. Because that is the place their mouse acceleration matter. In some situations mouse acceleration helpful. And some sometimes is not.

Only a few of the development companies add in the mouse acceleration feature and few of them are not. By default, that feature is enabled in Windows 10 and you can disable it manually.

If you are here about the mouse acceleration first time, let me explain it what is the mouse acceleration is and how you can disable it.

What Is The Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a system that describes the situation of the travel distance of the mouse of the PC screen in simple words how fast or slows your mouse moves. If your mouse covers the longer distance with a sudden jerk then the mouse acceleration I enable. And when you disable it your mouse will be move with distance according to your desire movement. Some of the users disable the mouse acceleration it is because they want a slow movement to get precise results while editing adobe photoshop. Whenever you enable mouse acceleration. The mouse covers less distance for slow movement which some time helpful for the game to get accuracy.

How to Disable the Mouse Acceleration?

So here in this article, I am going to share a method that how you can disable the mouse acceleration in Windows 10. You didn’t have to restart your computer. Or install third-party software. It is a Windows build-in feature which is by default enable and you can disable it anytime when you want. Which gives you flexibility when you turn in Off.

Step 1: Open your windows setting by pressing Windows + I (Setting Shortcut in Windows 10). Or Alternative Open windows search and By pressing ‘Windows + S or manually and then type Setting. and then open it.

Step 2: When Windows Settings open, click the Devices icon.

Step 3: In the Devices menu, click the Mouse tab on the left side panel.


Step 4: Now click on the Additional mouse options in devices.


Step 5: Select the Pointer Options tab, Under the Motion, you will see Enhance pointer precision checkbox uncheck it and click on and ‘Apply’ and Ok button to save changes.

After that check, you’re pointer speed you will feel that your mouse will move that according to your desire output. If you are not happy with that repeat the same process and the check that option which you uncheck that.

That all that’s how you can enable and disable the mouse acceleration in Windows 10. I hope that you understand it will. If you are happy with it share it with your friends.

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