How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox browsers

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox browsers

There are many incidents occur in the computer which corrupts you software by some virus attack you delete important data. You can recover these data by data recovery software. But some users asking that they can recover the bookmark of the browser? The answer is simple yes you can restore the bookmarks that deleted accidentally. Both Chrome and Firefox can restore bookmarks.

Firefox has the simple process to restore the bookmarks but the chrome browser does not make it easy to restore it. Chrome browser is one of the most popular web browsers due to easy and accessible functionality. Chrome browser gives you amazing performance and security which will be made to stand out among its competitor. However, it still doesn’t have to “bookmark restore” button.

So here I going to share how you can recover accidentally deleted bookmarks in chrome and Firefox.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox browsers

How to restore bookmark In Google Chrome.

If you want to restore the deleted bookmark. Then you have to do it manually. Chrome browser contains a hidden bookmarks backup file. That you have to restore it manually. Google Chrome doesn’t have to undo option. You need to do things carefully. If your finger slipped and you could be deleting the entire bookmarks with no way to recover them. You can restore it if you made a backup.

First things if you delete your bookmarks accidentally close the chrome windows on the spot and don’t try to open. It Is because chrome saves a single backup of your bookmarks file and that bookmark backup file overwrites each time you launch the Chrome browser. So that’s the reason leave it closed. Now follow this path. Replace the NAME with your windows user account.

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

On that path, you will see two bookmark files. One is a bookmark and the other is bookmarks.bak. These are the most recent backup files. Which was created when you last time open your browser.

Google Chrome backup of bookmarks
Google Chrome backup of bookmarks

To restore that backup your google chrome browser should remain closed and just follows these steps which is given below.

  1. Now rename bookmarks file to something like that bookmarks.backup. This because to save the copy of your current bookmarks files in case of backup.
  2. After that rename, your Bookmarks.bak file to Bookmarks. Just you have to remove the .bak extension.
  3. Now open you google chrome and you will see your missing bookmark is now restored.

By these steps you not able to recover your backup then. It means your backup file was created more recently then you accidentally deleted bookmarks. you are been out of luck now. The only way left if you have a backup of your bookmarks.

How to restore bookmark In Mozilla Firefox

Restoring bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox is a lot easier. It is because it provides the undo option. If you accidentally deleted bookmarks or bookmark folder, then you just simply press Ctrl + Z (for undo) in your Mozilla Firefox library to bring it back. You can also find this undo command under the “organize” menu

How to restore bookmark In Mozilla Firefox
How to restore bookmark In Mozilla Firefox

If you deleted your bookmarks a few days ago, then you can use the Restore option under the Import and Backup menu. It will restore you bookmarks file because Firefox creates automatically backup of all your bookmarks each day which is stores several days’ that can help to restore your previous backup file.

To avoid losing your important bookmarks. We recommended you have to export the backup of your bookmarks. You can export the bookmarks in google chrome and Firefox browser. In case of accidentally delete you can restore your bookmarks from that bookmarks which you previously exported.

That’s all that’s how you can accidentally delete bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox browser. I hope that you understand it well. If you facing any difficulty comment us below and also share that article with your friends.

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