Remap Mouse Buttons in Windows

Many people love to play the game and they invest a lot of money on game devices like these devices are used by most the person which consists of an extra mouse button which helps to play the game easier.

It is very helpful for the gamer it is because sometimes we required a special button which is used to finish a game level so those gamers set that button on the mouse to use it quickly at wit. These Mouse are used every day. If you want to use these mouse so these Mouse are required to remap them so in this article I will show you how to remap the mouse button and you can also use this mouse on a regular pc.

Their are lot of freeware software available to remap the mouse button. So, I pick the best mouse ramping button software for you by this you can easily remap the mouse button. With this software, you can set a button command for specific keyboard buttons like I set the mouse button to “R” helpful to reload the gun. Moreover, you can use it for changing volume or change screen brightness you can also set the mouse button to open the specific program. So, Let’s get started, how to do it.

How To Remap The Mouse Button In Windows

So here I am going to share that how to remap the mouse button in windows. Just follow the step in order to proceed.

Step-1 Download the software X-Mouse Button Control and install it.

Step-2 Open the application at there you will see the mouse setting option of a button you have the option to change the control of buttons Left, Right, Middle, Button 4, Button 5, Wheel up, Wheel down.

Step-3 Select the button that you want to reassign.

Step-4 Select the option from the list which you want to assign for that button and then click on the “Apply” button.


In the above, you can see I set my mouse button of 4 and 5 to change the System Volume to up or down.

Thats all that how to remap mouse buttons in windows. I hope that you understand well if you have any doubt then share it with us and also share that article with others.

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