5 Best Adventure Games For Android In 2020

5 Best Adventure Games For Android In 2020

Adventure games are an amazing game mostly liked by many users because it’s this unique category. Most of the users prefer to play games on Android devices rather than on pc. It is because it is easily accessible and can perform all operations on an android device. There are many games in the same category. In adventures, the game player goes around.

Adventures game is like by many users sometimes playing games is the best solution to feeling fresh and relax after loads of work and study if you are a student. The adventure game isn’t defining the specific genre it is defined by a mechanic like it could be RPGs, First-person shooters, or Sandbox games. In these types of you can collect different types of items and gadgets. These games have some kind of puzzles at some that you have to solve to continue your adventure. There and many adventure games available in the play store.

So, here in this article will show you the best adventure game for android which are popular in the list

Best Adventure Games For Android In 2020

Here the list of the best adventure games for android, which are recommended and mostly played by users.

1. 80 Days

80 day is better than other adventure games for android which is developed by inkle Ltd This game story is1972 with a steampunk twist. In this game, your character game Phileas Fogg which attempts to circumnavigate the world in just 80 days. On your journey, You can take airships, submarines, mechanical camels, and steam-trains.

Every city and your journey are related to an interactive story. In this game, you have to explore 150 cities. You can also race with other players to that you can race head to head. You have to become a faithful servant, Passepartout. Your task is to navigate him and adventure 80 days that you have and time will never stop running.

Download 80 Days ($5.99, in-app purchases)


2. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is another best adventure game for android. Evoland becomes famous and most of the play addicted to that game. After that, they launched another version that is evolved 2 which include some extra feature in it. This game includes the RPG, platformer, hack-and-slash, and also there are some other different stuff with 3D fighter and card mechanics.

You can unlock other different features and technologies by increase when you increase your level. This game become popular due to its various era of gaming and each new mechanics with amazing and new graphics styles. This game boost the 20-hour video game history with hardware and offline support. The graphics of the game is the monochrome color with pixelated graphics which give you smooth and optimal performance. Evoland is available in $0.99 and Evoland 2 available in $7.99 on google play store.

Download: Evoland 2 ($7.99, in-app purchases available)


3. Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

Let’s see another adventure game which is Alice in the mirror of Albion. This game is developed by Game Insight. In this game, you find yourself in the mystical Victorian era of London which is known as Albion. You have to solve the puzzles and different unexplained mysteries. Basically, you have to find the uncover and hidden object. You unlocked other locations after solving the mysteries.  And the control of the game is very smooth and quick touch response.

The graphics of the game look realistic 3D and mysterious sound effects while finding the objects. You can play this offline. This is the best combination of adventure and solving different mysteries. This game is free and available on google play store and recommended by editor choices.

Download: Alice in the Mirrors of Albion (Free, in-app purchases available)


4. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is one of the most popular adventure games for android which is in 2d side-scrolling. This game is very simple you have to ski down from a huge mountain. Your journey is across the beautiful hills with their native wildness nature, along through various villages, ancient woodlands, and deserted remnants.

On your way, you can perform some action backflips which help you avoid you from obstacles, collect items and coins There are some other gadgets like wingsuit and other stuff which will be unlocked by increasing your level. You can also upgrade your power by coins. The graphics of the game is simple charming minimalist and evocative visual design that look much better. There are many other characters that you have to unlock characters and every character has some unique enhancement.  Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects which include lightening blizzards, fogs, shooting star rainbows and much more this game is free and available on google play store.

Download: Alto’s Adventure (Free, in-app purchases available)


5. Crashlands

Crashlands is still is the best adventure game for android sine 2016. This game is developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. You enjoy that game a lot it is because it is the funniest adventure game that you ever played. In this game, you played as Flux Debes which flying in the galactic trucker who crash on an alien planet. At there he found a friend and alien person whose name is hewgodooko.

The main task is that you have to retrieve your cargo. You have to survive on this game planet because there are many strange creatures that are rattling on this planet. you have to survive yourself by crafting different things, building a base, taming wildlife, fight with bad guys. There are total 500 different craftable items, your inventory has infinity space, and craftable has to find on your journey. Grow up your level which will unlock some more power and regions. You can also upgrade your combat skills which help you to defeat other greatest enemies.

Download: Crashlands ($8.99, in-app purchases available)


Enjoy The Best Adventure Game For Android

These are the best Adventure games for android that are selected in the list. These games are selected according to the best user review and number for download. Tell us which game you liked most and why and also share that article with your friends

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