What Is Stor­age Sense In Windows 10 And How To Enable It

What Is Stor­age Sense In Windows 10 And How To Enable It

Running out of space is one of the most common causes that occur in windows pc. You download different types of things and program on your computers. With due these continuous routines that fill our Operating system storage. We also continue empty the recycle bin but that is not enough to free the storage space. There are several reasons why your storage space is full. The major and common issue which is caused by junk file, that generated whenever you installed a new program extract some compress files etc.

These kinds of junk can are deleted without damaging your windows. Although for this purpose windows 10 provides their utility feature which is pre-installed in which is known as storage sense.

So here is this article I am going to share how you enable the storage sense in windows 10. Before starting it you should have to know what is basically storage sense is.

What is Storage Sense And How Its Work

Storage sense is the new feature that is available in windows 10 v1909. Storage sense basically detects the old and unused file and of regular schedule. And also files or folders which are still lying in the recycle bin for more than 30 which be delete which that feature will enable. By default, it is disabled and you can enable it any time. And you won’t have to delete them manually, this feature will help take care of it. You will do it for you automatically. And Storage Sense was made for Windows phones (Windows 8.1) and was used to track and monitor the phone’s storage.

How To Enable And Customize Storage Sense

Step 1: Open Your Windows Setting by pressing Windows + I or alternative Open your windows search by Pressing Windows + S and type settings.

Step 2: When the Windows setting box opens click on the System.

Step 3: In your left side panel click on the Storage. On top of it you will Storage Sense. By default, it will be turned off. Once it Turn on it will take care of your system temporary file and old file in your recycle bin.

Enable Storage Sense From Storage in Windows 10
Enable Storage Sense From Storage in Windows 10

Step 4: To adjust the setting of Storage Sense click on Configurated the storage sense or run it now. At there you can adjust storage settings when you want to run your storage sense. There are 4 option available which is Every day, week, month, or during low free disk space. Also, you can customize the temp file setting by default 30 days will be selected you can change it to, Never, 1 day, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days. the same day setting for download folder.

Configuration of Storage Sense in Windows 10
Configuration of Storage Sense in Windows 10

That’s all that’s how you can enable the storage sense in windows 10. Windows 10 update their to give user comfort, by this you can intelligently clean the junk of Windows 10 by this process the take up to one minute.

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