How To Convert PowerPoint To Word

How To Convert PowerPoint To Word

You create a wonderful presentation now you want to convert it into Word. There are may reason why we convert the PPT to Word. Sometimes it useful to convert PowerPoint presentations to another format or in Microsoft Word. It is because, after converting the PPT file into Word file that will enable the advanced editing tools of MS word. If you are searching for how you can convert PPT to Word then you come to the right place. There are many methods to convert it by I will share your best method. There I will show you two methods that how you can convert PowerPoint to Word.

How To Convert PowerPoint To Word?

There are two different way than how you convert PowerPoint to Word with step by step instructions. In both steps, you have to convert the PPT file into PDF that you can convert into a Word file. Just follow these steps which are given to convert the PPT to Word

Method-1 Convert PPT To Word Online

There are many online websites are available that convert PowerPoint to word file and every website have the same procedure.

Step 1: Go to Smallpdf PPT to PDF website to convert PPT to PDF.

Step 2: At there click on choose file and select your ppt file to convert into DOC.

Step 3: After selecting the PPT file, it will take some time to convert that file in PDF depending on the size of your file. After complete conversion click on the download button.

Step 4: Now go to SmallPDF PDF to Word conversion page. Choose that file in which you convert PPT to PDF.

Step5: After selecting the PDF file, it will take some time to convert that file in DOC depending on the size of your file. After complete conversion click on the download button.

That how you can convert files from PPT to Doc by Small PDF.

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Method-2  Convert PPT To Word Offline by MS Office

Step 1: Open your PPT in Powerpoint that you want to convert into DOC, click on the File menu which is located at the upper left corner.

Step 2: Now in your left side panel, click on the export button. And then Click on Create PDF/XPS Document. Give the destination of the file and click on the publish button.

Step 3: After that open your MS Word Empty document and drag your PDF file and release it in MS word. It will show this message click on OK buttons. It will open your Pdf file In Doc.

Step 4: After that save that file in your computer in Doc format.

That’s all that’s how you can convert your PPT file into doc. These two methods are straightforward to follow. I hope that you understand that methods very well. If you are facing any difficulty, feel free to comment us below and also share that article with friends.

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