5 Best Android File Manager Apps In 2020

5 Best Android File Manager Apps In 2020

Our phone is now a bit powerful as compare to the computer and gives time mobile more the computer. So their built-in file manager might be not filling your need. The file manager app is of the most important that allows the user to manage their files. The browser you save or download files. Analyze it to manage your storage. You not only manage your storage or copy-paste your file by file manage it is because now a day most of the file manager have advanced functionality than before. Some of the Operating systems lack file manager and by default browser doesn’t have the functionally that another file manager has.

Some File manager allows the user to explore the root directory of the mobile. Where you can see the files of device file which are help full in some cases. So there are many file manager app is available on google play store but we recommended the best file manager software for android.

Best File Manager Apps For Android

These apps are selected according to the user reviews and number for download. Let’s explore the list grab the app which you like by its feature.

1. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is the newer app in the best file manager list. Which got there due to its pretty good interface and which enrich features. The developer of this app totally focused on the smooth performance and lite in weight, in which users experience faster performance. The interface of this is opening quite simple easy that users easy to understand. It has a side drawer menu which consists of shortcuts with frequently used folders like music, movie, picture, and downloads. You can also customize these quick access folders set that which you used most.

You can do more than their basics operation which is cut copy and paste. It also FTP server which helps full to transfer fill form your device to another device. And other is App Manager where you can manage your apps and uninstall it. You can also use root explore for rooted devices. This app is totally free and available on google play store.

Download Amaze File Manager (Free, in-app purchases)


2. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager Best File Manager For Android
Astro File Manager Best File Manager For Android

Astro is one of the oldest but still is the best file manager for android. It faces many ups and downs but it still maintains its position. You are looking for ads free file manager with optimum performance then you should try this one. It has more the simple file manager app. It consists of some extra feature which includes, SD card support, Cloud storage, file compression and extraction, and much more.

It has a handy memory cleaner feature which detects the junk file which is required for use. It has its own media player where you play videos and music. The interface of this app is material design UI. You can also use their beta version to test their latest feature. Cloud storage access lets allow the user to grab the fill from your cloud storage quick which includes, box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Yandex.disk. This app is freemium which no ads and available on google play store.

Download Astro File Manager (Free, in-app purchases)


3. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer Best File Manager For Android
Cx File Explorer Best File Manager For Android

Cx File Explorer is another best file manager with a clean and intuitive interface. Its support all basic feature that is using in file manager but that file manager is more than that. You can easily organize your file and folder It supports different cloud storage services and other shared storage with FTP, SMB, FTPs, SFTP, WebDAV, and LAN. You can also access your mobile data to form your pc by using FTP.

IT has dedicated storage clean where you can clean your junk file for it. You can also analyze your storage where you can check file storage report with detail. The best this of that software it has dedicated recycle bin when every deleted the file or accidentally delete it will be stored in their recycle bin. So that why the Cx file Explorer is the best choice with a simple and user-friendly interface.

Download Cx File Explorer (Free, in-app purchases)


4. X-Plore File Manager

X-plorer File Manager Best File Manager For Android
X-plorer File Manager Best File Manager For Android

X-plore File Manager is one of the best and unique file explorer. Most of the users recommended this unique file explorer. Why it is unique because it provides the dual-pane tree view which helps you to easily manage the two windows at once. The cool feature is that when every you try to copy/paste the file or folder you have to adjust them to and from the destination in both windows.

It also comes with a different type of feature which includes, cloud storage, network storage which has, FTP, SMB, DLNA/UPnP. Moreover, it also has built-in HEX editor, root explorer, and other features. It did a great job and organizing your file and folder. You can also analyze storage. This app is totally free and available on google play store.

Download X-plore File Manager (Free, in-app purchases)


5. Mixplorer

Mixplorer Best File Manager For Android
Mixplorer Best File Manager For Android

Mixplorer silver is another paid file manager that is popular due to the quality of performance. You can do all normal file manager operation which is cut, copy, paste and etc. But Mixplorer provides the more feature then built-in file manager. It supports built-in USB OTG driver, E-reader, Epub, Mobipocket, compressor and extractor, file browser, cloud storage, image viewer, built-in media player, and HTML viewer.

If you want other types of features like you need more achieve supported file or PDF compress. You can get this feature but its plugin store. There are a bunch of plugins where you can get extra features. It also offers the user to get access to cloud services including Dropbox, OneDrive, Media Fire, SugarSync, and others. This application is not free. It is available in a paid version.

Download MiXplorer Silver ($4,99, in-app purchases)


Enjoy The Best File Explorer For Android

These apps are selected in the best File Manager For Android list. Which gives you the best performance and I test these apps personally and get a good result. Tell us which app you like the most and also share that article with your friends.

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