WhatsApp Is Working On Their New Disappearing Photos Feature

Everybody knows that Whatsapp is owned by the Facebook owner. WhatsApp provides many features to make users confrontable. You can send an instant message or even send voice or video calls, they keep adding an additional feature in WhatsApp, previously the add disappearing message feature. In that feature, a message will automatically be deleted after 7 days.

Now WhatsApp announced that they are working on disappearing photo features, which will be rolled out soon. They share some screenshots of their feature. They tell us the functionality of that feature, which is when you send the photo to another user and that user opens the message the see the photo after when user leave chat that photo will disappear. It will self-destruct both from sender and receiver,

In these screenshots, they reveal the interferer of that feature. So all you have to do select the image from the gallery. After selecting the image tap on the clock-icon. Then everything is ready now that the image is ready to send to the selected user. Now on the other hand when users see that image and leave the chat that image will be disabled.

WaBetaInfo also reported that no one would be able to save or export that self-destructive image. Also, it will not display in the gallery or not even forward that image to other users. You can’t even take a screenshot of that. They also reported that it will be released the disappearing photos feature for both iOS and Android users.

Whatsapp Just releases their new feature where you can import your favorite custom animated sticker packs. You can also access the third-party stickers. This animated sticker pack feature is available for some selected regions.

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