Use Keyboard as Mouse in 5 Steps [How To Use Simple and Easy]

Use Keyboard as Mouse

[How To Use Simple and Easy]

If your mouse isn’t operating and you do not want to wait until you get a brand new one, you’d positively wish to know how you’ll be able to use your keyboard to control the mouse pointer. it’s simple to use your mouse to input text using the On-Screen Keyboard utility, however, it’s also possible to try and do the reverse. It easy way to control the mouse by the keyboard This article explains how.

You Should Follow This Steps

Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7 and Vista Users:

Use Keyboard as Mouse
Use Keyboard as Mouse

1. Open Control Panel, clicking Ease of Access.

 2. Click on Ease of Access Center

Use Keyboard as Mouse
Use Keyboard as Mouse

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3. Now Click on the Make the mouse easier to use.

Use Keyboard as Mouse
Use Keyboard as Mouse

4. Check the Turn On Mouse Key and click on the Setup Mouse Key.

Use Keyboard as Mouse
Use Keyboard as Mouse

5. Adjust the Setting According to your need

use keyboard as mouse
Use Keyboard as Mouse


1) Turn on Mouse Key.

2) You can also check it because it is the Shortcut way to Turn On Keyboard Mouse.

3) Adjust the Pointer Speed According to your need.

4) It is Turn on Button of Keyboard Mouse you should have to turn it on

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Windows XP Users:-

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Then click on Switch to Classic View.
  3. Then Click on Accessibility Options.
  4. Then Click on the Mouse Tab.
  5. Select Use MouseKeys.
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Then activate NumberLock (by pressing the NumLk key).
  8. You should hear a beep sound.
  9.  you can control your mouse pointer using the arrow keys on the numeric-keypad.

You can also increase or adjust the acceleration and speed of your mouse movements. Short cut key to use keyword mouse is (Alt+Shift+Num). Lock combination to instantly activate Mouse keys.


use keyboard as mouse
Use Keyboard as Mouse

the number key to use the mouse are 2,4,6,8 for movement, number 5 and + key serve as right-clicking and 0 for left click



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