7 Tips Online Shopping User Should Know in 2021

This is the year 2021 and you should be shopping online efficiently and securely. That is why we have curated these seven tips to get you shopping online better in no time.

Tips Online Shopping User Should Know 

Here we mention some best online shopping tips that you can follow

1. Mask your Credit Card Details

We have heard numerous reports of online retailers getting hacked. In some of those cases, customers have their details (such as credit card information) leaked to these hackers. Prevent that from happening by using a masked credit card service whenever you are paying online.

In other words, the credit card details that you have on file are not directly yours even though you get billed for every purchase.

2. Choose Secure Passwords

You don’t want to be at home one day only to get a notification that some products have been checked out using your card. That is where good password security comes in.

We recommend using online password generators to come up with the strongest passwords and storing them in a password manager so that you do not forget.


3. Open an Account

Many online shoppers miss out on great deals and opportunities because they do not have a shopping account with their preferred eCommerce platforms. Owning an account enables you access to inside deals, better discounts, and privileged information. All that could turn your shopping experience on its head for the better in no time.


4. Shop Around

While it is fine to have a preferred vendor, know that you can sometimes get the best prices somewhere else. This is the same with brick-and-mortar stores when you used to go out to get everything.

Thus, have a list of trusted online vendors that carry the same kinds of items you are looking for. Check through their catalogs to see who is selling the same product for less. You get effective cost savings when you go that route.


5. Secure your network

A mistake most online shoppers make is buying something online with any internet network they are connected to. That is a very dangerous game of roulette you are playing with your data and sensitive information.

When connected to unsecured Wi-Fi connections, for example, you run the risk of losing all of your data to hackers. They can even hijack your conversations and snoop in to see what you are doing online. That means they can equally steal your passwords and more files on your device.

As a rule, we recommend NEVER shopping online via a free or public Wi-Fi network. If you really had to connect to one for urgent matters, you should download a VPN to encrypt all internet connections and secure all your personal information on your devices whenever you are on a public network.


6. Avoid Price Discrimination

Mentioning a VPN app above reminded us of another problem that many online shoppers do not even know they had.

If you have not already found out, online vendors don’t always display the same price to all shoppers.

In some cases, they get information from your browser and past internet activity which they use to set new prices for you. In other cases, it could be the fact that you are buying from another country. This technique is called price discrimination.

Fortunately, you can get rid of that with a few methods, such as using different browsers, using the incognito mode to clear cache and cookies, or using another device. Some people also use a VPN to change their IP location to get a better deal.

PS This is more common with airfares and hotel fees, but applies to other products also.


7. Do Your Research

Before picking an online vendor at all, do your research into them.

  • Do they deliver to your area?
  • Where do their products come from?
  • Are they registered in any country?
  • Are they licensed at all?
  • How professional are they?
  • What are their returns and refunds policies?
  • Is there social proof behind their business?
  • What are others saying about them?


Shop Right

These seven tips will get you the best out of your shopping experience from now on. If you have more shopping tips that we didn’t include on this list, you are welcome to share them with us all in the comments section.

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