How to Take Screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen

How to Take a Screenshot of Windows 10 Login Screen

Whenever you want to take screen you just open that application and capture that area whatever you want in windows. Taking a screenshot in windows or other operating has a very simple task to capture it. There are a lot of software are available that allows you to take a screenshot of your computer screen. but you will do when you want to take a screenshot at the Windows login screen

So in this article, I will show you how you can take a screenshot at windows

How to Take a Screenshot of the Windows Login Screen

Method-1 By PrtSc Buttom

This is a very easy and old method that you can use to capture your windows login screen. Windows 10 has a built-in feature for that operation, by pressing a key which is known as “PrtSc”. This Hotkey allows you to take a screenshot. You can operate that function at the Windows login screen.

  • When you are at the Windows login screen at their press PrtSc button to capture that screen.
  • After that login your windows and open Paint or Paint 3D and press Ctrl + V to paste that screenshot which you capture.

Method-2 By Xbox GameBar

If the above method doesn’t work then you should try this method. There is a program that is built-in software which is known as Xbox Gamebar. You can also take a screenshot at the login screen of your windows by the Xbox GameBar tool.

When you are at the Windows login screen at their press Win + Alt+ PrtScn button to capture that screen. This is the shortcut key of the Game to take the screenshot.

Method-3 By Ease of Access Button

You might notice that when you apply a password or pin in windows 10 the above mention method doesn’t work. So, you can use this method to take a screenshot of the Windows login screen. This method open snipping tools When you click the Ease Of Access button at the Windows login screen which is located at the bottom-right side of the screen.

But before starting this method make you disable your antivirus real-time security it is because in this method you have to create a file in the registry it will open the program which is known as Utilman.exe. This program gives us permission to open the specific program that we defined to open in it. But if you do not disable the security it will delete that file when you click the Ease Of Access button.

So, first of all, disable your antivirus real-time security. After that open run windows by pressing (Windows + R) and then type “regedit”. It will open Registry Editor.

When Registry Editor open, follow this path to navigate the specific location.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

Now right click on Image File Executions select New option and then select Key and name that key Utilman.exe.


After that select Utilman.exe file right-click on the right-side panel and select New and then select String Value and name it debugger.

Now you have to change its value. Right-click on Debugger and select Modify… and then assign the following path to open Snipping tools


Now go to your windows login screen. Click on the ease of access button. It will open Snipping tools take you screenshot by it after that click on little copy icon to copy to clipboard. Login back to your windows open paint or Paint 3D and press Ctrl + V to paste that image you capture.

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