How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most commonly used operating systems. It is popular due to its features and other functionality. Now in Windows 10 Anniversary update, they provide a ton of other features, one of the demanding features is dark mode windows 10 OS.

This is the best feature that most users want, when you enable dark mode in windows it displays all windows related display in the dark interface. Most of the applications support dark theme mode which can be enabled through owns apps settings. It will turn on the interface in a black mode like menu and background and other features like in windows 10 you right-click on the desktop it will also show in dark mode.

Why the dark mode helpful for the user is because the person who works overnight reduces the eye strain due to prolonged sitting along with the computer. Other benefits it consumes less battery than another mode.

So, take advantage of the dark themes to reduce the side effect on the eyes. You can also customize the color scheme and contrast of windows. You can apply a dark theme to default windows mode or only for the app or for both.

So, in this article, I will show you how to enable the dark theme mode in windows 10.

What Is Windows 10 Dark Theme?

Dark themes are available in a variety of browsers, operating systems, and many other applications. The dark mode changes the color scheme interface of the app. Like you see a menu of application in white or other after applying the dark mode it will display that menu in dark mode.

Windows 10 also provides the essential dark theme, which includes the simple color customization option you can easily turn on and off that theme whenever you want.

How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme

1. First of all open Windows Settings by click on the notification area and then click on settings button. Alternative press Windows +I to open Windows Settings.

Selecting Settings From Windows Notification Panel
Selecting Settings From Windows Notification Panel

2. When Windows Settings, Now Click on Personalization.

Chose Personalize in Windows 10 Settings
Chose Personalize in Windows 10 Settings

3. Now in your left-side panel select Colors, After that in your right-side panel, you will see a Default Windows Mode and Default App mode section Select Both Dark.

Change the Default Windows and App Mode in Dark Mode
Change the Default Windows and App Mode in Dark Mode

If you want to apply a dark theme at overall windows 10 the change the choose your color to dark mode.

That’s all that’s how you can enable dark mode in Windows 10. I hope that you understand well. If you like that comment us below and share it with your friends.

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