6 Best Alternatives To Whatsapp That Actually Respect Your Privacy

If you explore social media you will get new that Facebook purchased the most popular instant messenger app, which is “WhatsApp”. They keep releasing their new feature regularly to remain it on top. According to the report of March 2020, there are 2 billion users around the globe. It is a free security service with end-to-end encryption. By WhatsApp, you can send messages, make a voice and video call, and even send voice messages. They also have amazing features that you can even use on the desktop.

Recently WhatsApp announced their recent privacy policy notice, which is that their data will be shared with Facebook. Due to related to this privacy concern most of the useful things about changing the messaging platform other platforms where their privacy does not share with others.

So if your one the those who don’t want to their private data others. Then we are some best WhatsApp alternative that protects your privacy.

Best Whatsapp alternative in 2021

These WhatsApp alternative apps are also so much popular and give the right user experience that you get on WhatsApp.

1. Telegram Messenger

Best Alternatives to Whatsapp
Best Alternatives to Whatsapp

Telegram is one of the most popular messager apps after WhatsApp, Telegram number of download reached 100,000,000+ across the world. Telegram is the best WhatsApp competitor. This cloud-based app works across multiple platforms. It almost provides all the feature that WhatsApp provide like, you can send instant message and voice, even you can make voice or video call. You can also create the group and the best thing about the group feature is that you can add up to 200,000 users and share files up to 2GB for free.

It also has a public channel and self-destructs message like disappearing message same as it WhatsApp disappearing message features. This app uses the end to end encrypted chats, and these chats are stored on telegram servers. If you want to use the real device to device encrypted chat then you can use their secret mode feature. When you enable it, it will store messages only on your phone and when any of the people delete the message it will be deleted from both sides.  You can also install telegram for windows which are both available 32-bit and 64-bit. If you are really looking for the best alternative to WhatsApp then we should recommend that you should try this app.

Download: Telegram (Free, in-app purchases available)


2. Signal Private Messenger

Best Alternatives to Whatsapp
Best Alternatives to Whatsapp

Signal is another private messenger that protects your privacy, which is the best alternative to WhatsApp. This is another most popular and largely used private messenger app. This is basically a small company that is run by a not-for-profit organization. Signal is an open-source app. All so its code is available publicly. Signal has an end-to-end encryption system and ensure the user that their data will not save, not even signal can view that or by third-party apps. If we compare it to WhatsApp you will see it.

Signal is quite similar to WhatsApp. Both have a similar interface. You can send an instant message, create groups, make voice or video calls, send stickers or Gifs. Every single message that you send will be encrypted only the sender and receiver can read them. Which means it is completely unreadable to hackers. You can also make a backup of calls, group calls, and every other data contained in the signal app. Signal apps are available for Android, iPad, Android, Windows, or even for macOS and Linux.

Download: Signal (Free, in-app purchases available)


3. Discord

Discord started with a game chat platform, but after being time by the time it has been evolved more than that, Now there are a lot of things in it. Over the year the Discord has been the best platform for gaming users, to chat with other players.

Discord is a server-based message app at there you also create your service where you can add you family member or friends, which is quite similar to WhatsApp. In the friend’s tab, you can add friends by their user names. You can create a group chat with up to 10 friends, you want to add more than that you have to start your own server.

By Discord, you can send personal messages to create your group, send even Gif, images, emojis, and a lot of their things. You can also most voice and video calls through it.

Download: Discord (Free, in-app purchases available)



Best Alternatives to Whatsapp
Best Alternatives to Whatsapp

Line is another best WhatsApp alternative, which you can use to exchange your text messages. Line was developed by the Naver Corporation, Japan. Line has more than 500+ million daily active users across the world. Line app is available in over 232 countries and there are keep extending every day.  It registers users based on the movie contact number, which is similar to other apps which include WhatsApp and vibe. You can connect by your all line user by your phone contacts.

With this app, you can make free audio and video calls. It also has end to end encryption for voice and video calls with your friends and family. You can also share other content like, send images, gifs, stickers, and documents. It also has the same which is included in what which is line payment service, by this, you can send and receive payments instantly through your line app. Line is available for Android, Windows, and Mac.

Download: Line (Free, in-app purchases available)


5. Viber Messenger

Best Alternatives to Whatsapp
Best Alternatives to Whatsapp

Viber is another secret messenger apps which are most widely used most regions.  Viber has headquartered in Luxembourg and owned by Japanese tech company Rakuten. The app has about 500+ million daily active users across the whole world. Viber is a little bit different than WhatsApp it is because it supported multiple-devices support, compare then WhatsApp which allows only one account login access per user.

If you talk about other things it is pretty similar then WhatsApp. It will keep everything in private which is why it is most secure messaging and calling app that allows your make free audio and video call, allows you can make free international calls, send an instant text message, can create you family or friends’ groups, and a lot of other things including in it. It also has a self-destructed feature. That why it is our best alternative to WhatsApp list.

Download: Viber Messenger (Free, in-app purchases available)


6. WeChat

Best Alternatives to Whatsapp
Best Alternatives to Whatsapp

WeChat is also included at the top of the list which also best WhatsApp alternative. WeChat is the most widely used and most popular chatting app in China, which has a quite similar feature compares the WhatsApp. Wechat has more than 600 million users across the globe. You can create your account by phone number or also by Facebook account or by email.

WeChat offers the user to send an instant message to other users across the world. You can send other content which includes images, documents, voice messages.  Wechat has a user-friendly interface. Wechat is available for Android, Windows, and iPhone.

Download: WeChat (Free, in-app purchases available)


Enjoy Alternatives to Whatsapp

These are the most widely used instant messaging apps that respect your privacy. Tell us what you like most and also share that article with others.

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